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  1. No. from https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/tutorial-importing-and-setting-up-alfred-workflows/ There's obviously a tradeoff here but I think it's better to have the user do a little bit more customisation rather than potentially overwrite their existing setup.
  2. I was just working on a workflow that looks like this snippet trigger > run script > copy to clipboard and paste I discovered that (although the Copy to Clipboard object only mentions {date} {time} & {clipboard}) I can have the script generate text containing the {cursor} snippet & Alfred will move the cursor after pasting. 😀
  3. dfay

    RPN calculator

    Haha it only took four years for someone to take an interest in this I've updated the link -- hope you find it useful.
  4. Actually I'm blown away by how much more powerful Alfred is than TE, thanks to the ability to use script filters in snippets.
  5. I just updated the README with more detailed directions.
  6. and I have to say how impressed I am with the snippets feature -- I hadn't looked at all the details in quite a while and there's so much that can now be done with snippet triggers etc. It was very easy to recreate all my fill-in and script driven TE snippets in Alfred.
  7. https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets
  8. dfay

    How to Use Alfred to Write Assertively

    Yes this was very cool, and a use of text expansion that I had never thought of before.
  9. I spent hours marking up the graduate admissions letter from a certain university ... someone had clearly attempted unsuccessfully to recreate letterhead in a Word document ... kerning was just one of many many problems. To me, it was like telling prospective graduate students that we don’t care about attention to detail so come to our university. Painful to look at.
  10. Hmmm...it seems there is a markdown plug-in at least if this post still applies: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/432816-editor-overhaul/ I haven’t really been bothered but I haven’t been that active lately & certainly haven’t been revising complex posts. I think keeping the overarching infrastructure but changing the editor (or giving users that option) might be an optimal compromise solution.
  11. I have seen too much hard work and good information lost when companies switched forum software (37 signals....), and there is such a wealth of experiences embedded in these boards, I’d be happier just sticking with what we have. Even with its flaws. One can always link to github or gist easily enough if syntax highlighting is really a problem.
  12. Actually it looks like the scripting commands are unchanged from Yosemite:
  13. dfay

    Ulysses workflow

    Not sure I’ve tried it since the latest Ulysses update....send a pm to @robwalton he has been quite good about keeping it in shape.
  14. https://xkcd.com/1987/
  15. dfay

    Google Drive

    The workflow’s. See step 1 here: https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/OAuth2