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  1. @CJK thanks for your work on this! Looking forward to having a bit of time to work through how you did the Applescript / ObjC integration.
  2. Replace the + with & AS is trying to add numbers ( hence the error message ) rather than concatenating strings.
  3. dfay

    Foot Pedals / Udemy

    There are two separate problems here - 1) getting the input from the pedal and 2) controlling the Udemy video. Does the foot pedal send keystrokes? If so, you should be able to capture them in a workflow with a Hotkey trigger. That would then need to call a script to switch to chrome and dispatch the keystroke. Or maybe an open URL with browser set to Chrome depending on how Udemy does it.
  4. dfay

    Search across Cloud Platforms

    I think the underlying problems of performance and differing APIs and capabilities etc. haven't changed. e.g. with Dropbox, finding anything that's synced locally is trivially easy b/c the OS has already done the work of indexing it. Doing a full-text search on files that aren't synced requires a $200/yr. Dropbox Pro subscription and a bunch of API calls.
  5. They are automatically cleared when a workflow is imported.
  6. dfay

    First party sync service

    Why not just keep using Dropbox at the free level?
  7. dfay

    [SOLVED] Duplicate Results

    Yes, details are in the link I posted above.
  8. dfay

    [SOLVED] Duplicate Results

    They're clearly installed by brew. http://osxdaily.com/2018/07/05/where-homebrew-packages-installed-location-mac/ The easiest option is to exclude those directories from Spotlight indexing or from Alfred.
  9. I just want him to answer this question. https://talk.automators.fm/t/sharing-all-the-shortcuts-i-use-activated-from-widgets/3052/2
  10. You'd need to call up Alfred then type the keyword. A snippet trigger aves a keystroke but more importantly it's less of an intrusion into ordinary typing flow (in my experience).
  11. dfay

    Simple counter for the day

    Yes that was written under Alfred 2 I believe...
  12. This is a great idea and not one that’s supported by other text expansion software as far as I know.
  13. dfay

    Simple counter for the day

    I used to use a workflow which had a counter stored in a file. Here'e the AppleScript I used to read/update it. -- get the counter value and increment it set theID to (do shell script "cat ~/Dropbox/texts/nv/_counter.txt") set n to (theID as number) + 1 do shell script ("echo \"" & (n as string) & "\" > ~/Dropbox/texts/nv/_counter.txt") you'd just need to add code to check the date and reset it if it has changed since the last run. I'd personally use Hazel for that but either way you'd test based on the file modification date and if it's before the current date, reset the contents of _counter.txt to 1. Likewise the end of the day task (as Vitor implies) is probably better handled by Hazel. But that could depend on whether the update to the spreadsheet really needs to be done nightly or whether it could be done at the next run, even if that's a day or two later.
  14. weird. But would a reformat not bring the issue back when you restore the files?