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  1. Is it possible to make it persist and receive text from Alfred's clipboard history / snippet viewer? This may need to be a request to @Andrew .... thanks!
  2. This is cool -- but I can't get the rephrasing function to produce anything new. For example, if I run it on the line above, Alfred returns: ~~This is cool -- but I can"t get the rephrasing function to produce anything new. ~~ i.e. it deletes the text but offers nothing new. Also, in case this is an easy fix, it misses common English contractions like "isn't" -- if I type isnt' e.g., it returns isntree ... Overall though it's great!
  3. @deanishe do you have a version of this invaluable workflow that works with Python 3? ( I haven't looked inside yet to try to figure it out.... )
  4. Hi there @Vero - you graciously invited me to be featured on the blog years ago, and i said yes but never followed up -- but I'm still interested & willing! best Derick
  5. Sorry - I hadn't changed the repo to be public - it is now.
  6. HI I just updated it and posted it at https://github.com/derickfay/AlfredRPN this should work out of the box on Ventura. best Derick
  7. Hmm....i've never seen ]this before. Malwarebytes is flagging this:
  8. Hi I was able to download it but it won't run in Venture b/c of security issues. And I can''t find the source for the executable in your GitHub repo.
  9. In its most basic form, a workflow is just a .plist file - but I wouldn't want to edit raw XML.
  10. Can you post an .alfredworkflow file somewhere?
  11. Yes, it’s working for me. What are you seeing in the debugging console?
  12. This looks nice but it relies on an unsigned binary - @vitor how are you handling such cases?
  13. Yes, +1 to this - I just ran into this situation today. It might be nice to add a column or some other UI to the workflow panel with the content of its directory visible.
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