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  1. [SOLVED] Email a Specific Contact

    Yes just create a workflow to run the following Applescript (this will send an empty message as written - you can delete the send command to send manually or add code before it to set the content). tell application "Mail" set m to make new outgoing message tell m make new to recipient with properties {name:"someone", address:"someone@somedomain.com"} send end tell end tell
  2. Yes, sure. The company is based in Berlin fwiw.
  3. http://ocrkit.com/help/ I don’t know about how it’s performance compares but I’ve had very few issues with quality.
  4. This is built into the latest version of the workflow as a script filter - see the top post.
  5. Yeah free OCR in my experience has always been a source of frustration in the end. Since I gave in and bought OCRKit a couple years ago I've been using OCR much more, with very few issues. It has a CLI and decent AppleScript support, & thus integrates quite easily with Alfred.... All of which is to say investing in free OCR is probably not the best approach.
  6. App url scheme?

    Unfortunately these all depend on various services that were provided by the Sherlock app itself. But I'd bet that all of them can be replaced by existing Alfred workflows or custom searches.
  7. Let me try to get in touch with the author ...
  8. Updated the description and the link in the top post above.
  9. if you use BibDesk this is your best bet which works much better than the later one by smargh , which has more features but is unusably slow with my master .bib with 6500 entries or so. otherwise you’ll need to include a library and parse the bibtex yourself in your language of choice
  10. Converting time

    see this post and the code therein
  11. I regularly use an iPad as a second monitor for my Mac (with Duet). I'd love to have Alfred Remote floating above it in Slide Over.
  12. Any updates or further thoughts on this? There are a couple of newish iOS apps that have some similar functionality but easier (if not necessarily prettier) UI Quadro: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quadro/id981457542?mt=8 1600+ icons included Keymand: http://keymandtech.com
  13. if it’s just a single script and single word queries it’s relatively easy - e.g. set x to word 1 of “{query}” set y to word 2 of “{query}”
  14. bonus points for getting @deanishe to write applescript
  15. Use a Launch Apps / Files workflow action. https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/actions/launch-apps-files/