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  1. https://xkcd.com/1987/
  2. dfay

    Google Drive

    The workflow’s. See step 1 here: https://developers.google.com/identity/protocols/OAuth2
  3. dfay

    Houdah or Tembo Searches?

    I think of Alfred and HoudahSpot as complementary - see I don’t remember exactly but I believe I built custom HS searches using Applescript described here : https://forums.houdah.com/post/alfred-workflow-9675606
  4. Yes I realised that too. I barely use it...but using the regular file selection action hotkey also works from within the Alfred file nav...which I didn't know until I tried that now...
  5. dfay

    n level deep search

    just put this in a script filter https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4509624/how-to-limit-depth-for-recursive-file-list#4509648
  6. Added file actions and rf and fg commands
  7. Hmm....I have been using file filters to search folders forever so this doesn't seem awkward to me. But that's from search, not from Alfred's file interface. I added file actions wired to the existing keywords. In re: Finder tabs - to go further with controlling tabs is going to require a lot of UI scripting - and the challenge is that the active tab isn't revealed to AppleScript. "Close All Tabs but the Active One" can be simulated by the following AppleScript but it closes and opens so it's not so clean: tell application "Finder" set t to target of front window close front window open t end tell Anyway I added it to the workflow. "Reopen Closed Tab" won't be possible but I added a script filter that lists the recent folders.
  8. dfay

    Output to alfred list component?

    What's not working about the Script Filter approach? That seems like the easiest approach to me.
  9. Yes. I added an environment variable - it's set to use tabs by default since that's my preference. Adding the AppleScript to take care of the new tabs (embedded in bashfinder.sh) took all of five minutes. Trying to set the environment variable programmatically in bash took more than an hour and I gave up. So at this point you need to set it manually.
  10. Nope. You might be able to swing something with Bartender, to hide the actual Spotlight icon and create a menu app in Applescript that launches Alfred. But I would advise just using the keyboard to launch Alfred.
  11. Here's a crack at it:
  12. Here's a crack at it: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11398-finder-scripts-including-opening-in-a-single-window/
  13. This is a workflow I've cobbled together from various sources, notably some modifications to https://github.com/NapoleonWils0n/bashfinder , which is actually a bash front end for a lot of AppleScript. It contains the following commands: fo - open a folder in the frontmost Finder window (also available as a File Action) fo:i - open a folder in the frontmost Finder window with Icon view (also available as a File Action) fo:c - open a folder in the frontmost Finder window with Column view (also available as a File Action) fo:l - open a folder in the frontmost Finder window with List view (also available as a File Action) rf - open a recent folder in the frontmost Finder window fi - set frontmost Finder window to Icon view fc - Set frontmost Finder window to Column view fl - Set frontmost Finder window to List view fg - Set frontmost Finder window to Gallery view (i.e. icon view with big icons and a dark background) fw - Close frontmost window and reopen active tab (i.e. close all tabs except the active one) merge - Merge All Windows (same as menu command) fcfix - set filename column width to 400 clip - show the Finder clipboard (I bet you didn't know there was such a thing....) There is a single environment variable: openInNewTab set it to 0 to open in the frontmost window (replacing the existing contents) or 1 (the default setting) to open in a new tab in the frontmost window By using fo and its variants, you can effectively have Alfred open folders in a single window as requested here: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11393-opening-folders-in-the-same-finder-window/?do=findComment&comment=59570 and here: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11327-any-way-search-open-a-folder-in-same-finder-window/?tab=comments#comment-59276 v.0.3 (2018-04-08) Added file actions Added rf and fw keywords v.0.2 (2018-04-06) Added openInNewTab Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u1bchxchlm4c1q3/Finder scripts.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  14. List/icon/columns/cover view
  15. Yes, I agree - keeping current or allowing selection of Finder views would also be a big help. There may be an AppleScript solution but I haven't worked on it.... I did look again at PathFinder briefly but am glad to hear your verification of my decision not to go that route