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  1. Yes, you can do this with a script filter. Would you want to enter just one of the values (e.g. Cost) and have the other three calculated for you? Or would you want to be able to enter any of the 4? If you search there are quite a few calculator workflows out there: https://www.alfredforum.com/search/?&q=calculator
  2. My hope is that python 3’s handling of unicode will fix the cyrillic issues in the case converter. Gotta find the time to try it…
  3. @Andrewwould this also work for python 3?
  4. It seems to be in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/MarkupUI.framework/PlugIns/MarkupPhotoExtension.appex but I can't get it to launch - it produces a "trace trap" error in zsh. Discussion here got me started: https://indiestack.com/2018/09/finder-quick-actions/
  5. I'm thinking converting to python 3 should fix it.
  6. Info here may be helpful https://github.com/derickfay/import-alfred-snippets
  7. You don't need two lists. Just create one with your desired searchable text duplicated in the Title and the Subtitle fields. e.g. myTitle,mySubtitle,myArg mySubtitle,myTitle,myArg
  8. @edjr if you look in the thread for that Units workflow there’s a bash script which can replace the php script, which did nothing except call curl and hence didn’t need to be in php at all.
  9. It’s a rough road to head down but AS UI Scripting can probably help you here: The script at the last link is esp. helpful: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20111208191312748
  10. I think he means triggering a shortcut on an iOS device to control Alfred Remote, not running them on a Mac.
  11. See basically you need to create a workflow for each one b/c they're not really folders (example is for Scanbot, in bash): open "/Users/yourusernamehere/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~net~doo~scanbot/Documents" osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to activate'
  12. Yeah I added that per your request - took way longer than expected because of issues building the json dict but it's done. The download link is the same.
  13. Take a look at Even if you don’t want the fuzzy search, it’ll be modifiable to create a list filter that reads and updates from csv.
  14. I rarely use quicklook from Alfred but this seems like it should be easy to implement…..
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