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  1. I find it much more useful to have domain/keyword specific collections as in this use scenario - there’s a lot of stuff I don’t want mixed together in snippets but still want quick access to.
  2. You are welcome to write a Java library -- Alfred can use any language on the system. All the libraries for building workflows are user-created -- I imagine if there were demand for Java, someone would have written one.
  3. Use a list filter https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/list-filter/
  4. I just figured out that these themes (or the green one at least) don’t allow the user to move the alfred window - where is the setting that toggles this? or could you provide versions that allow it?
  5. seriously, doesn’t karabiner eat up more time in the customizing than it saves? thoroughly puzzled by all this...
  6. Spotlight/Alfred no longer finding apps

    try rebuilding launch services?
  7. Workflow Picker

    Should be fixed now - casualty of dropbox share policy changes
  8. Does this address what you are looking for?
  9. Glad to see you've made the connection. For all people complain about his unmaintained workflows, Stephen did a lot of great work on automation.
  10. Dynamic Script Filter

    Why wouldn’t you just use a file filter set to that directory?
  11. Wow that's eight different variations on the same solution! Thanks guys....I'm sure the time we have committed to this far outweighs the savings for file vs. array vs. json, python vs. bash, etc.
  12. I'd bet that Alfred dumping to a file is faster than starting python and loading two modules....
  13. haha yes I figured you would spot a way to improve my python - thanks!