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  1. Just looked a little more and found a workaround: http://macscripter.net/viewtopic.php?id=45184
  2. It looks to me like this is a bug in AppleScript (on Sierra at least). I tried a handful of Mail signature creation scripts and experimented with yours and none of them are working. See also https://gist.github.com/Moligaloo/3850710 . With Sal gone I fear it may never get fixed. But....Mail Act-On Outbox rules do work, so presumably they're accessing the signature some other way. It's $30 but if you work with a lot of email it's worth it IMHO.
  3. This is not an automator workflow, it requires the Alfred power pack.
  4. Mail Act-On (a mail plug-in) rules can strip a signature. I believe they use AppleScript (sorry on my phone right now...) so it should be possible.
  5. That makes sense. I thought about trying to cook a solution with AppleScript as well but realized the app-specific issue would make it nigh impossible.
  6. Allow a keyword to have the argument pre-populated with selected text (or maybe add a modifier key that does so), just as hotkeys have the option to act on selected text already. For use scenario see
  7. Good Q. As far as I can tell there's no way to have a keyword act on selected text. You'd need to copy to the clipboard first and paste in the text. I'll add it as a feature suggestion b/c it would be useful. BTW I semi-resolved the hotkey issue by writing this workflow which will list all hotkeys: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/4384-workflow-picker/
  8. Just got this same error message (and applied the same fix, using a Run Script action) working on an AppleScript for Microsoft Word. Chances are its an artifact of the MS code base being 15+ years old at this point -- supposedly Office 2016 was a complete rewrite in Cocoa but it looks like there's still some Carbon deep down in there.
  9. Re #1 & 2 -- I've written a URL handler to allow creating a new Ulysses sheet that will subsequently be linked to a record in BibDesk -- the URL handler responds to ulbd:// and adds the newly created sheet to BibDesk -- but I've never changed it since (got it right the first time ) so I'm not sure whether updating would break anything. But...registering the URL handler is entirely done within the app bundle ( see http://www.macosautomation.com/applescript/linktrigger/index.html ) so I think if that app bundle was contained within the workflow directory and updated / replaced along with new versions of the workflow, the updating shouldn't be an issue. re: 3-5 -- moving groups and sheets around doesn't seem to change the IDs in Ulysses as far as I've observed, so I think one would just need to capture the group ID once. Or are you saying you want to have an inbox sheet (with its own ID) for a group (with its own ID)? In that case the inbox sheet could be separated from the group if the user rearranged stuff.... My use pattern is to just use the one Inbox and file stuff from there, so separate inboxes per group are outside my normal usage. There's also the possibility of using paths instead of IDs with groups but that seems rather error-prone.
  10. Rob if you're adding to this actively I put up a draft for creating / appending from Alfred here: haven't had time to fully troubleshoot but maybe you want to run with it?
  11. That's kind of really awesome.
  12. Just call the script described here: http://www.macworld.com/article/2033804/control-time-machine-from-the-command-line.html i.e. create a Keyword then connect it to a Run Script /bin/bash object with the script: tmutil startbackup
  13. I don't have InDesign to test but if you're passing from a File Action to AppleScript you need to begin the script like this: set myNameFile to POSIX file "{query}" See https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/LanguagesUtilities/Conceptual/MacAutomationScriptingGuide/ReferenceFilesandFolders.html
  14. I think this has come up before but it's a great idea. Alternatively the keystroke for Alfred Preference command-, could just be context-sensitive.
  15. OK I see what you're saying. You want to act on the selected text but perhaps change the query later and have save the changed query. You're going to have to write a custom script filter that saves the query in a file every time and then runs the search. Running the search is pretty easy -- you can do it in bash using mdfind (the command-line interface for Spotlight) and it should be blazing fast since Spotlight does the heavy lifting. mdfind 'kMDItemTextContent == "*{query}*" && kMDItemContentType = "com.mindnode.mindnode.mindmap"' -onlyin ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/W6L39UYL6Z~com~mindnode~MindNode/Documents That will return a list of results. You just need to hook it together with the programming language and Alfred workflow library of your choice