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  1. I just downloaded Opera 16.0 (16.0.1196.62) and you are right, Send URL can not fetch the URL from it... I will try to find a solution for it.
  2. Do you use the latest version of the workflow? I don't have this problem with Opera (Next) 12.15...
  3. Hi, Right now Send URL only fetches urls from a few browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera, Camino and OmniWeb) or a url copied to the clipboard. I might add more applications later... You can add a keyboard shortcut to the script by navigation to the workflow in Alfred Preferences and click the + in the top right corner and then select 'trigger' -> 'hotkey'. Choose a key combination and press save and then drag a line from the 'hotkey' box to the 'script filter' box. Cheers
  4. Hi, Mail.app is supposed be in the list, if it's not please let me know so I can find out why. You can add applications to the workflow by adding the bundle ID to the "supportedApplications.txt" file in the workflow folder. Remember to add a comma and the filetypes the application can work with or "*" for any filetype. As an example, to add support for iSkysoft iTube Studio the line would be "com.iSkysoft.iTube Studio,*" The workflow make use of the shell "open" command so make sure the application supports this. I have added support for iSkysoft iTube Studio in the latest version
  5. This is certainly possible and I will add it to the workflow in a future update Cheers, Jonas
  6. There is not really a reliable way to get the last window and paste the URL into the right field so I am not going to add this kind of functionality into SendURL. That said I might add support for Skype in a future release. Cheers, Jonas
  7. What version of OSX are you running?
  8. Then try uninstalling the Workflow, download and install it again.
  9. Seems to be the best solution around
  10. User/access Tokens and Consumer keys are still secrets and should be stored in a safe way. Cheers, Jonas
  11. Try open a link (though Send URL) with one of the apps the shows up (or copy it as a Markdown/HTML link), after that the workflow should refresh it's application cache. Cheers, Jonas
  12. Support for fetching URLs from Firefox is not likely to come anytime soon... Firefox have no support for Applescript and the few hacks I have seen, don't work well (sometimes shows a wrong URL). Cheers, Jonas
  13. Hi, Pocket.app (from the App Store) don't seem to be able to open a link through the "open" command. And don't support applescript. To post a link through getpockets.com's API requires a user token. I have not found a easy and satisfying way to store passwords and tokens safely for use in Alfred workflows. Therefore I have no plan for adding features to my workflow requiring password or tokens (at least not before I find a solution to this problem). Cheers
  14. The workflow is updated (again) and should now work with VMs that is not in a group. https://github.com/a....alfredworkflow (All links in this thread points to the same version of the Workflow) Cheers
  15. Try to download the latest version here: https://github.com/a....alfredworkflow Cheers, Jonas
  16. Thanks for helping out! I have updated the workflow fixing this bug.
  17. I have updated this Workflow making a bit faster and more reliable. Download it here: https://github.com/aiyodk/Alfred-Extensions/raw/master/AlfredApp_2.x/VirtualBox-Control/VirtualBox-Control.alfredworkflow (the old link is also pointing to the latest version of the workflow) Cheers, Jonas
  18. Thanks! I did not know about scselect. Nice that it does not need elevated privileges. The other commands is not needed (it is used to trim down the result of scselect). I have updated Network Location to use scselect now! Thanks again! Cheers
  19. Hi, OSX 10.8 has increased the security in many areas. Because of this "networksetup" (the commandline tool I use in the Network Location Workflow) needs admin privileges for certain tasks. This is why you are requested for the password (it's all done by OSX). If you cancel this request (or mistypes the password or try a username that does not have admin privileges) the network settings are not changed! You could set permission suid to /usr/sbin/networksetup to make it run with root permission, but that opens up for misuse so I won't encourage that. Cheers, Jonas
  20. You are absolutely right. I've updated the workflow and it should now play nice with locations with spaces. You can download it here (or use the links in the first post) https://github.com/aiyodk/Alfred-Extensions/raw/master/AlfredApp_2.x/Network-Location/Network-Location.alfredworkflow Cheers, Jonas UPDATE: I just rewrote the workflow now searching works better.
  21. Alfred will learn your preferred action after a few times, and at that point you just need to write "wifi" and hit enter, like with the 1.x extension. Cheers, Jonas
  22. You need to wrap the code with on alfred_script(q) -- your code end alfred_script
  23. You can also increase the speed by compiling the applescript (save it as a .scpt file in AppleScript Editor) and then run that instead. on run argv set first_arg to the first item of argv -- get the first argument -- Your script end run
  24. I have updated Fast User Switching which fixes the "(logged in)" and "RealName:" issues. https://github.com/aiyodk/Alfred-Extensions/raw/master/AlfredApp_2.x/Fast-User-Switching/Fast-User-Switching.alfredworkflow
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