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  1. If I wanted to use a script to parse the input data, how would I return that data to the "Actions"?
  2. Yeah, I understand the point and the keyword method, but I was just hoping there was a way to accept a parameter and pass it to different actions based on that.
  3. I'm trying to keep it to 1 workflow using the same keyword with 3 different arguments. So to run it, "site dev" and it will launch 3 urls for testing and then I run "site qa" and it runs 3 different urls for testing and then I run "site prod" and it will run 3 different urls. I realize I could make this work with 3 different keywords linking to the different actions, but that kind of takes away the fun of workflows.
  4. So I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm looking to run an Alfred workflow where, depending on the argument, it will open up a different set of urls. I have a keyword set up with the argument required, and I'm looking to take that argument and then if its one of 3 options, then open up a specific set of URLs in Chrome. The use case here being I want to open up the local testing URLs when the command is "dev" or all of the production testing URLs when "prod" is passed in. I can't figure out how to pass that part of the query to a specific set of Actions.
  5. Additionally, I'd like to be able to feed this back into Alfred so it that its asks where to download this image to, so that I can have it put in any project I'm working on. I assume there is a way to do this, by having it download to a tmp directory and then moving the path to whatever the new {query} would be, iI just need some help walking through it.
  6. So I have a bash script below, that I run that allows me to pass in 2 - 3 arguments that will then download a dummy image from lorempixel.com. #!/bin/bash if [ $3 ] then wget http://lorempixel.com/$1/$2/$3'>http://lorempixel.com/$1/$2/$3 -O $1x$2-$3.jpg else wget http://lorempixel.com/$1/$2/ -O $1x$2.jpg fi I want to set this up as a workflow, but not sure how to deal with the {query} part in the script. Right now I have a keyword that links to the "Run Script" action that breaks when it gets there. I realize I can probably tweak this script so that the query matches the output path, but I want to keep it readable. Please help?!
  7. No problem. The only thing that may or may not stink is you have to set up your own hotkeys.
  8. I just created a new workflow to get Layouts to work with Alfred v2. I've spoken with the developer and he'll probably integrate it in and then update his repo with it shortly. You can grab it here for now: http://cl.ly/Naq5
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