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  1. Thanks Victor. However in the link that you shared, I couldn't find the format : or have I missed something? Or was there a way to figure this format out given the documentation there already? If not, that's fine too, I just wanted to learn what I could have tried differently before posting here. I really Appreciate the help! Cheerio!
  2. Yay! That works! Thanks, Andrew : ) Is there someplace that I could have looked up for that (or figured it out) without asking for it in the forum? Cheerio, Fira
  3. Hey fabulous Alfred users, Could you please help me with what's the Snippet for the Current Time for the format "hh:mm (am/pm)". The current snippet I'm using is {time}, which gives time in the format "11:22:01 AM". I would like to drop the seconds from this format and just have the Hours and Minutes. Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi Team Alfred, How can I use the snippet feature to have the current day of the week inserted in the text I'm typing using Alfred? For eg. say today is Sunday, can I just type, "dday" and Sunday replaces that? Thanks!
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