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  1. I've used egg timer in alfred3 so.. I need to know how to mute the egg timer If you happen to know this method, let me know plz..
  2. Oh I see.. thank you Vero I expected it to be implemented this year.. i'm sorry I just will buy alfred3 without waiting
  3. first of all, congratulations! just left 2 day for alfred's 9th anniversary. We don't know yet whether or not alfred will be discounted. But in 2016 and 2015 alfred had discounted. during past 2 year, alfred is not discounted unfortunately. what do you think in 2019? Of course I hope so..
  4. Oh! Thanks for your kind comments.
  5. Hi everybody. i'm considering with upgrade problem. if new alfred4 comes out, if i had bought a alfred3 single pack, then how much can i pay for the new alfred4 in single pack or mega pack ?
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