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  1. I have those workflows: Triggering all of those doesn't seem to trigger the problem immediately at least, but I suspect `npms` is the culprit. Will keep an eye on it and check the code out later. Thank you for the help.
  2. I did indeed have two instances of alfred running and closing one made the problem go away. Hmm, how does that happen by itself and why is Alfred allowing two instances to run at the same time? (BTW. It's not specific to clipboard. Same focus issue is observable with just opening standard alfred input box.)
  3. When the bug is triggerd, you can already see symptoms of it when opening Alfred's popup, it will always flicker on opening, and sometimes end up in non-visible state even. In attached screenshot, I try to open Alfred a couple of times, first few times it just flickers and doesn't show up. Next time it shows up but the focus bug would still trigger on trying to paste content of saved clipboard. (Gif is not best way of showing the problem but I had to fit within file upload size limit)
  4. I'm using 3.8 build 959 and it's still happening. In all apps, not only Chrome.
  5. Steps: Focus input field in some app (Chrome input field for example) Toggle Alfred with hotkey Hit escape Chrome doesn't receive focus back after canceling Alfred. It also affects pasting saved clipboard snippets - Alfred just fills clipboard with snippet contect but is not able to automatically paste into app's field. Problem fixes itself after restarting Alfred but this problem keeps coming back every day pretty much. I haven't been able to pinpoint what and when it triggers exactly. It might be something specific to my setup (although not only mine) so please don't disregard if you can't reproduce. Maybe lets try to work out some way to analyze or reproduce it.
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