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  1. thx @deanishe! appreciate your comment yet im very new to Alfred. is there examples on this? Can I create shortcuts/hotkeys that work inside the clip history window? im I confusing things? best Z
  2. thx so much @vitor I may have not been clear enough. I mean from the Alfred clipboard history menu: I meant instead of pressing return press `option-return` or `^-1` etc and paste but in plain text? does that make sense thx Zc
  3. Hi! would really love a way to have a shortcut (maybe via Ctrl, command, option etc) to allow to paste as plain text is something like that available? If not is it possible to requests features in Alfred and if so where does one do that? best regards Z
  4. hi again related to my previous mini player question, how (and is it possible) does one use the music mini player to add as play next and play later instead of play immediately? I cant find the relevant hotkeys if available best Z
  5. Hi all started using today the mini music player and love it. was wondering when if anyone knew when showing albums by artist if there was a way to sort the albums by year (date). Maybe even show the album release date alongside the name? if not is it common to add feature request here? (im very new :)) thx a lot in advance Z
  6. wow this is amazing sorry for the late response (life, work, you name it this past few weeks :)) but for some reason this only brings up macpass focuses the search box but dosent seem to type anything here are my current settings any clue why? thx! z
  7. thx so much! that’s amazing @deanishe any chance (and this may be asking to much so feel free to ignore) that it actually passes the string from alfred? so once can go ? Aflred> type my key for the above script> followed by `gmail` and the script sends the `gmail` string inside the CMD+F box? thx again Z
  8. Hi all complete neewb (also on mac coming from years of linux) was wondering if one can launch and app via alfred and send keystrokes in succession? for example i would like to launch/focus macpass and immediately send a Command-f keystroke to focus the search bar is that possible at all? best Z
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