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  1. I reported this in the Discussion and Help forum and my post was blocked and I was sent to this forum. I just happen to be on Catalina right now. But, the same thing happens in Mojave. I did do the re-index suggested. It seems that I get everything but Applications when I do a search. What have I got set up wrong? I unchecked everything except documents and text files in the scope settings. I want to be able to use Alfred 4 as a Launch tool. How can I do this. I don't mind having the other results too, but I need Applications to appear at the top of the search. I have tried "Open"
  2. I like to use Alfred to launch my applications quickly. Using Catalina Beta but same results in Mojave. When I search for an Application Name most of the time it doesn't return the application name so I can launch it. What do I need to do so that the Applications will all be returned in a search and at the top of the list of files found. Thanks. Using Alfred 4 and have Powerpack.
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