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  1. That's it, thanks!
  2. Thanks for reply. It actually has nothing to do with the theme, as I've tried that before...There's a switch somewhere that I turned off. Just not sure where it is. Or maybe, I'm wondering, could a recent update remove that option?
  3. Hi there, A while ago, I changed a setting somewhere to disable the auto-highlighting of top result in alfred search window. Now I want it back but couldn't find it anywhere. Any help?
  4. Hi, For now I can only keep the clipboard history for a maximum of 3 months. But I just feel an increasing need to look back on things copies longer than that. Is there anyway to keep it permanent there? If it's not supported yet, will this be considered in future releases?
  5. Something off topic: what's the theme you're using? Thanks.
  6. playmakerx

    Material Design Theme Alfred V3 - 13 Themes to Choose!

    Man, those themes are just AMAZING, absolutely love them! Keep up the good work!