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  1. I never could write anything in there Even after reinstalling the workflow
  2. I am running MacOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) Alfred 4 fully up to date. Should I revert to Alfred 3 maybe ? In other workflows I have the same issue of not being able to write in those fields. I have tried reinstalling the workflow multiple times, yes. If I can give you any more information, please tell me. Alfred is authorised to modify stuff on my computer :
  3. Hi ! I am very very interested in this tool as I am a heavy Excel user, and I believe it would make me gain a lot of time. I cannot get it to work with Alfred 4 though. I read through this thread quickly but I don't think this has been discussed. Is this workflow compatible with Alfred 4 ? I cannot populate the fields "Date_format" / "Doc_path" ... as whenever I write something in there it goes blank as soon as I press enter. Also, when I try to create a workflow with iSyn, whenever I select an excel file it does not create the workflow. Any help is appreciated Thanks !
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