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  1. Maybe you can use URL search? cause some website got really nice charts and a whole lot more information
  2. I am using snippets with distinct pattern: Some set of snippet will get heavily used on certain apps like excel. Other might get heavily used when using wechat, siri and word. If some snippet set is only active when certain app is being used, then it will largely reduce the collision between commands.
  3. I am a mega user!!! (...) I found the snippet feature very useful. Just a little suggestion~ Different Snippets set be applied to different apps: The spirit of snippets is to quickly input repetitive commands, which will result in large amount of short commands (e.g. tm stand for "Tomorrow", "cal" stand for calendar). Moreover, the snippets will be used in different applications, which have vastly different commands and features. But if snippets don't identify which app it is working on, then there will be many clashes like for example if I want to input "calculator" in MicrosoftWord.app, then the first three character "cal" will auto expand into "Calendar", etc. So, if each individual snippet set can correspond to some app, then this feature will be really nicer.
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