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  1. On #3. Thank you. That seems to work great, but how do I then use that text in a web search of my choosing?
  2. I’ve quit Launchbar and I’ve been trying Alfred v2 since it was launched. So far I’m really liking it, the workflows feature is killer. But there are a few things that I really miss or some things about Alfred that makes things slightly slower for me compared to when I use Launchbar. - In Alfred ⌘⌫ on a an item has no effect. You have to navigate to the actions menu to delete. - I’d prefer that pressing → on an application would bring up the recent documents for that application. With Alfred I have to press → twice. - In Launchbar holding ⌥ Space with with some text selected initiates Instand Send. With Alfred I have to select text, ⌘C, ⌥Space, ⌘V. - In Alfred’s clipboard viewer. I can’t perform any actions on any of the clipboard items, unlike in Launchbar. - The icons used in the clipboard viewer are confusing to me. I’d prefer if the icons represented the type of the clipboard item as opposed to what looks like the item’s origin application. - Launchbar uses the standard system shortcut — Space — for Quicklook instead of ⇧. - You can create calendar events in Launchbar but can’t with Alfred — unless you have additional software installed. It might be that I’m missing some options that can resolve/mitigate some of the above. Or do I just need to accept that things are different?
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