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  1. @deanishe Thanks for suggestion yday - got working this morning by using your advice w `pbcopy` and `pbpaste` w the Python file for that Uni workflow, making the original clipboard contents a var, running the script, then afterwards restoring the var to the clipboard, but was ultra messy lol and not easily reproducible for other workflows. I appreciate the help - good place to start : ~ ) @vitor Huge - thanks - This works! ๐Ÿฅฐ v clean Appreciate the help ๐Ÿ’™
  2. Is there an action or hacky way to restore the previous contents of your clipboard after running a workflow that pastes a string (determined by `{query}`) into your front-most app? Example use case: I use unicode-symbols-search โ†— to paste unicode symbols into my frontmost app using `uni {query}`. I probably most often use this to insert the symbol "โ†—" (lol) after link text to indicate that the text is a link, and then paste the destination link afterwards, but if I use this workflow (or any workflow with the "Copy to Clipboard" action), the pasted string overrides the link I had in my clipboard. Checking "Mark item as transient in clipboard" to true doesn't seem to have the behaviour I'm looking for. Is there a way (or action) to restoring previous clipboard contents after "Copy to Clipboard" action? Quick example of what how I imagine this working here โคต Any help would be appreciated! (And another image of my "Copy to Clipboard" settings in this workflow attached)
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