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  1. Auto-paste on return is also not working for me. I've tried disabling and enabling the option to no avail. Have tried the feature on terminal, iterm, and Sublime Text. Alfred 4.0.5 [1114]
  2. Thanks for the suggestion as it was indirectly helpful. So.... the hotkeys are working, it's the clipboard auto-paste functionality that's not working (and what I was trying to trigger on a hotkey). Which seems to be a problem with the clipboard functionality overall. The clipboard advanced option "Auto-paste on return" isn't working.
  3. I upgraded to Catalina last night and my hotkeys are no longer functioning. I've read a few different threads on the topic but haven't been able to find a resolution. I've checked the permissions for Alfred (full disk access, accessibility, automation). Alfred is not listed under automation and I see no way to add it or trigger Alfred to ask for this permission. If I boot up under Mojave everything is working fine. I've tried deleting my Application Support folder as well as Alfred Preferences to no avail. I've tried watching Console messages but don't see anything directly related to A
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