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  1. Follow up, I updated to the supplemental catalina update and I noticed that I could not revoke the accessibility permission for Alfred. I was able to fix everything by manually resetting the permissions with the following: tccutil reset Accessibility sudo tccutil reset Accessibility Laptop froze after the first command, after a reboot and running the second, everything is working again. Both my clipboard manager + snippets are now working, so I'm pretty sure this isn't an Alfred bug, just macOS. Thanks for the help!
  2. Ran through all of those steps (including the troubleshooting, and rebooting my machine). Alfred Version: 4.0.5 [1118] macOS Version: 10.15 (19A583) Reponses to questions: Are your snippets definitely ticked for auto-expansion? Yes, I went through and unchecked & rechecked everything What happens when you type your snippet shortcut? Does it disappear? Do you hear the beep for expansion, or an error beep? This will help establish at which stage the issue is happening and what may be misconfigured on your Mac Does not disappear, no sound, don't find anything relevant in system.log or otherwise in console.app What application are you testing this in? We recommend TextEdit as a basic native app to test in, to avoid the external factors brought in by non-native apps or website. Safari, TextEdit, Xcode, Wunderlist, Pages. All of these used to work When you show the Clipboard History, are items being copied to it? Yes, it saves correctly and I can search my history, just does not paste when I select the item. Do you use any hotkey modifiers (e.g. something where Cmd + V isn't used to paste), another clipboard manager that may be interfering, etc No, not as far as I'm aware.
  3. I'm also having this problem. Have tried removing / re-adding alfred in all macOS permissions panes. Still can't expand snippets or use the clipboard manager.
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