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  1. Vero, Alfred support team: I'm running the Catalina beta in a separate APFS partition from that which is running Mojave and, from within Catalina, I've installed Alfred (currently running v 4.0.3). This morning I updated to beta 4 of macOS 10.15 (19A512f). Once Catalina rebooted, I tried launching Alfred's search bar by using its keyboard shortcut (CMD-SPACE in my case), which *did not* bring up Alfred's (actually, any) search bar. So I launched the app by using macOS's built-in Spotlight search interface. Even after having launched Alfred, its keyboard shortcut did not work. So I used the toolbar icon to launch its search bar. Alfred's request to deliver notifications (which I approved) did come through almost immediately -- as seems to be the case for lots of apps this morning now that Catalina beta 4 is running -- after I started Alfred via Spotlight. I then opened up Alfred's preferences and saw that all permissions were now unset, which was caused, I am guessing, by my upgrading to the new Catalina beta (it would have, of course, been nice to have the previously set permissions stick around between Catalina's beta versions; but, I'm guessing, that was out of your control). The program's preferences were remembered, so the search bar shortcut (CMD-SPACE in my case) worked as expected now that I had manually launched the program. In retrospect, maybe I had been too impatient upon macOS 10.15 b4's initial rebooting, and Alfred would have started on its own had I given it a little more time. Nonetheless, I definitely had to give Alfred the permissions it needed if I wanted it to work as I expected. When I got to "Open macOS Automation Preferences," the correct panel opened up (System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation), but Alfred *was not* listed as a member. I expected it to be present, but unchecked, and for me to be able to enable the permission---or for me to be able to add Alfred to the list. But it was not listed nor could I add it. To be honest, I can't recall whether Alfred was listed in this panel in previous Alfred or macOS 10.15 builds, so I do not know whether this is a bug/problem. But given that I cannot seemingly add Alfred as a member of the applications that are present in this Automation panel and, yet, there is a button on Alfred's "Request Permissions" panel to "Open macOS Automation Preferences," I thought it would be wise to send this report to you. === p.s. Are you aware that once a person completes the reCaptcha/Security Check widget on this submission form when they are not yet logged into the forum (at least when using the form on macOS 10.15 b4 using Safari Technology Preview Release 87), it takes only 1 min for a successfully checked captcha control to "time out" and, thus, force the submitter to go through the TOTALLY IRRITATING job of navigating the reCaptcha wizard again? I'm happy to prove that I'm a human and, thus, help you avoid bot-generated submissions to your forum, but, increasingly, these captcha's come off more as helping Google add to their image-tagging knowledge-base than they do of anything else. I eventually realized that I should have logged into the forum *before* beginning my submission, but until I came to that realization it seemed as if I needed to navigate this captcha control a couple of times. And each time I was forced through a cycle of three subjects (fire hydrants, cars, traffic signals, etc), whose navigation is, as you might know, intentionally slowed down, so it takes about a minute to complete. On third attempt through the reCaptcha wizard I finally realized that I could postpone competing the reCaptcha requirement until I was done with the rest of the form, and had I realized that sooner, I would have only had to navigate it once. Of course, before I submitted by report, I realized that I should first log in to the forum, which, thankfully, once that's done, eliminates the captcha control entirely. Neverthless, you might want to consider placing the security check BELOW the message body field of the form, which will help persons who have not logged into the form from encountering the problem I had.
  2. I totally agree with Fl0rz--it took me quite a while to even realize that the four icons at the bottom of the screen were tabs. I would suggest that the interface follow more closely the conventions used in other iOS apps wherein the background of the tab row is colored slightly differently than the rest of the pane [here I would go lighter than the main panel's background color, not darker as you have done] and where the icons are very simply colored (one color on gray as with many of Apple's apps such as Safari or dark gray+white on light gray as exists on the bottom of the share sheet). I know doing so is not so easy given that it seems you merely push down to your iOS app whatever icon is dropped into the left-hand panel of the remote tab on the OS X version of the app, but still you might try to do something such as using slightly tinted grayscale versions of the original color icons that were selected for placement in the left-hand panel of the OS X app, for that kind of a color transformation could be automated. Perhaps also some resizing (slight reduction in size) of these icons on should also be considered.
  3. I agree with bcc2k--having a built-in icon for switching between spaces is an excellent idea for a future release.
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