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  1. Actually the user is myself 😊 My list of tasks is long (I query database for tens of rows and feed them to the script filter) If i could have the script filter fill the entire screen that would also be good - if possible? I'm mainly looking for a solution that will not make it so easy for me to dismiss it i think i found a solution that may be good for me: is there a way to see if "Large Type" is currently top most window?
  2. Hello, I'm using the "script filter" component to show tasks And I'd like to 'force' the user to select anything from the list - and not allow him to exit without selecting something Is it possible? If not - any idea along the line of 'forcing' the user to select something? Thanks
  3. Works! Except for not knowing how to operate my mac (e.g. how to open privacy prefs) without alfred, it worked 😊
  4. Hello, I stopped being able to search for contacts using Alfred I verified that in Default Results -> Contacts is checked (It used to work, and suddenly stopped) Anything I can check further? Thanks
  5. Hello, Is it psosible to change the order of the fields when I'm using Alfred to show a contact? I'd like the phone number to be the first field, but I noticed that if the contact has an email then the phone number will be on the second line (I'd like to be able to automatically click it, and I set up a custom action to open WhatsApp for that contact) Thanks
  6. Yeah, well, if that's the best possible - it will do 🙂 Thanks! 🤟
  7. The reason I'd like to do it is because I want to use an Alfred snippet expansion, which I've set to replace 'LOL' -> 😂 (this is just an example, I have many of those) it would have been really nice if I didn't need to switch to english, write the letters, get back to my language to continue typing Given what you say I have two options: 1) make the double-shift just to get that text expansion 2) create a double for all my snippets so that they will work when I type in another language (and hope that it doesn't coincide with an existing word in that language). This is what I'm doing now, and it works well so far Thank you for answering - a 'no' answer is just as important as a 'yes' answer so I can stop looking 🙂
  8. by multi-lingual I mean that I'm typing with the same keyboard in multiple languages. So sometimes I'm switching between them and yes, I am talking about changing the keyboard layout (sorry english isn't my native language 🙃) basically I want to type in a different language, and when I press shift (or something else) while typing some letter have it written in english - regardless of which language I'm at before I did this. (basically telling the mac - hey, whenever I hold this key, treat every letter I type in english, regardless of what's my current keyboard layout)
  9. Hello, I have multi-lingual keyboard I would like to be able to use a key (let's say SHIFT) so that when it's pressed, it will write the letter in english - regardless if I'm currently typing in a different language The reason I'd like to do it is mainly for text expansion, but also because I'm used to this behavior from when I was using Windows OS. I looked if it's possible to set it as a keyboard setting in Mac, but unfortunately I don't think so, which leaves me with Alfred. Any ideas?
  10. Hello, I'm creating an extension using node.js script, while using this library: https://github.com/sindresorhus/alfy#caching In this library they provide a caching object through which I can store key:value and later retrieve (it is stored in a JSON file) I was wondering what would be the best way for me to read this cache? (is my only option to read the file and parse it?) Or - alternatively - if there's a better way for me to do it (except returning it to Alfred as script result) Thanks
  11. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to run Alfred code from the terminal So, for example, if, when I open Alfred and type 'Google Keep' and press 'Enter' it opens google keep. I would like to be able to run this "Google Keep" command in Alfred - from my terminal (zsh) [I know this specific use case may have other solution(s), but in general I would like to be able to execute Alfred queries from my command line, without having to open Alfred (e.g. for automation)] Thanks
  12. Makes a lot of sense. I would have preferred it to still open Gmail (because I don't use the default client at all. It could then copy to clipboard for me the path, so I can use it to import it manually). But I can see how this would make a better option for most people (would have been great if I were able to choose. I guess my alternative solution is to define my default mail client app with SMTP server for sending only) Thanks for your answer!
  13. Hi, EmailTo is not behaving as I expected. Am I missing something? Use case: 1) Open Alfred and search for 'find file.pdf' 2) Click right 3) Click 'Email to' Now I see 2 issues: 1) I can't find a contact that exists in my Contacts (if I open Alfred and search for a specific contact, it finds it). In fact, I'm not sure where it's getting its contacts from. I would rather have one directory of contacts (e.g. in the Mac's Contacts app) 2) It then opens the Mac app 'Inbox', instead of gmail which I want (in Alfred settings of contacts I did choose for gmail to handle. so this is an inconsistency)
  14. Hello, I want to look at the list of ebooks I recently viewed with the Preview app, so I: 1) Open Alfred 2) Search for Preview 3) Click 'Right' arrow key 4) Click 'Right' again to go into 'Recent Documents' I want to create a shortcut for the following, so that it will open alfred in this position (With list of recent documents) Is it possible? Thanks
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