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  1. @vitor Microsoft ToDo has been ported to Py3 so is free to be removed from this list now Release Python3 refactor · johandebeurs/alfred-mstodo-workflow (github.com)
  2. Refactor released here https://github.com/johandebeurs/alfred-mstodo-workflow/releases/tag/0.2.0 and on Packal. Still pending MS graph endpoint refactoring but Py3 refactor is largely done
  3. FYI, working on a refactor to Py3 now that alfredworkflow has been ported Alfred-PyWorkflow · PyPI. No ETA yet as I'll also restructure to latest Microsoft graph endpoints (given the current ones are at end of life) and I don't yet know the schema differences between the two
  4. @Ben428 This is updated now - caused by an absolute path to a logging config file on my machine. Also tweaked logic to improve sync speed for large accounts, so please try again and LMK how you get on
  5. Sharing a basic Alfred3 workflow for Microsoft Todo for anyone migrating over to ToDo as of Wunderlist's shutdown tomorrow. Alfred is my go-to for controlling Mac and the efficiency of adding and searching tasks via the workflow is something that I was going to miss with a move to another to-do list, so I decided to make a fork of prior work here. PRs welcome! https://github.com/johandebeurs/alfred-mstodo-workflow
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