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  1. (I think) I Solved it. In keyboard shortcuts pref pane, I was using the same shortcut (cmd-space) for "Show spotlight search". Unchecking this seems to solve the issue.
  2. Hi Vero, Thank you for your reply. I do have a window in focus where the text should be pasted (I tried with textedit, notes, etc), and it works perfectly on my other Mac (MacBook Pro, same OS, same apps installed). In fact, after the initial beep, the app is still in focus (TextEdit or Notes's menu bar) and each cmd-v will produce a beep (but no paste). Also, at this point, hiting any key (like backspace) also produces a beep with no effect on the text window. Switching to a background app and pasting in it (or switching back to the initial app
  3. Hi there, It works fine on my MBP, but on the iMac when using a snippet : - text it is not pasted - I get a beep - text can't be pasted manually (cmd-v) BUT, switching to another app in the background, then switching back to the desired app let you paste with CMD-V. Very weird. Can someone help ? Best
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