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  1. I'm not using any of these items - I've tried it with my mac unplugged 70km away from my keyboard/mouse as well as with my external mouse/keyboard. My the mouse works perfectly otherwise so it's not in a down state. I'm going to reboot my computer and report back in 10 mins.
  2. Hey everyone - I think the last update to alfred broke some functionality - I may be wrong but when I try to open something now my mouse is capturing the hover state rather than they keyboard. See a quick vid of the issue here: http://wes.io/YWDx Any idea how to fix?
  3. Cobalt 2 theme for Alfred 1 and 2 Super great theme for Alfred. Based on the Cobalt2 theme for Sublime Text. Download at https://github.com/wesbos/Cobalt2-Alfred-Theme To install, download Cobalt2-alfred1.x.alfredtheme for alfred 1.x or Cobalt2-alfred2.x.alfredappearance for alfred 2.x and double click. Alfred will automatically install it for you.
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