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  1. Okay thanks for the replies. 10.15.5 on a Late 2014 Retina 5K iMac. The external hard drive is brand new, 32 days old. I know its Spotlight because I can hear it when Spotlight is enabled for the drive, and goes away when I add the external HDD to the Privacy tab of Spotlight in System Prefernces. Maybe erasing/rebuilding Spotlight index with terminal commands is the way to go. Shrug Thanks again for the help and please excuse any snark on my side.
  2. 1) Where is the Search Scope defined within Alfred? My UI has nothing of the sort: blob:https://imgur.com/423dac75-f653-45c3-9c8a-47410b964ff7 2) I've disabled Spotlight because it makes too much noise on the disks. So Alfred file search won't work? I thought the whole point of Alfred was that it was a Spotlight replacement. Awkward..
  3. "find x" doesn't find .MOV files on my external hard drive, how come? Does Alfred use the spotlight index or its own? Where do I see index status? How do I inspect/test/verify the index?
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