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  1. it worked..Yipeeee🥳 Thank You... just one thing instead of showing notification can i show it to alfred search box ??
  2. @vitor Thanks for the reply I am new to this workflow thing i somewhat tried following your steps but couldn’t 😔 i have attached my failed attempt workflow below👇 Could you please correct it for me.. Thanks 🙏
  3. Does anyone have a workflow to check battery charge cycles??
  4. Hi all, is there any workflow that i can open let's say 3 different apps in a different desktops rather than manually swiping up with 3 fingers on the track pad and adding desktops. Thanks in Advance.
  5. hey there, this workflow is not working for me ....currently on macOS Big Sur....basically everyworkflow is working except the bluetooth one...i have tried several others workflow but still no one works. Please Please Help!!🙏🙏
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