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  1. I would disagree. I don't know much about scripting as I mentioned, I fear asking "how do I use macOS scripting to merge Finder windows?" would be above my skill set. As I mentioned above, I saw some people accomplish this idea in the past, but their documentation is two years old. I'll keep my fingers crossed someone here may know. Thanks anyways.
  2. Hello, I'm a softcore Alfred user. I love the app, but I get pretty confused with the coding. My problem is simple and has a lot of old broken results that seem to no longer work: I use Alfred to find folders on my Mac, but I go crazy when I have accidentally opened a dozen while creating podcasts and art. (maybe I need a better file structure) I'm hoping there is still a way to have Alfred merge Finder windows or at least run a script to open a bunch of windows and merge them all at once. Maybe I'll come up with more questions for this helpful community. Thank you!
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