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  1. Ha! Indeed, that was it: ‘for” had to be removed and it’s working. Issue closed. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi Giovanni, Thank you and I tried it immediately. It opens the app but with a blank search field, no search results on the keyword :-(. I think the missing link is to capture and pass the input to the script/FoxTrot. Here’s the workflow I have - can you see / tell me what I do wrong? 1. OVERVIEW 2. INPUT KEYWORD 3. SCRIPT Thank you!
  3. Dear, all, As recent Alfred convert, I am enthusiastically exploring the options. One thing I cannot find out is how to run a WORKFLOW for the following use case: I am using Foxtrot Personal Search intensively to work with ~1M documents. To start a search I use Alfred. However, currently, I only trigger an existing AppleScript I created through an Alfred hotkey to open a search in FoxTrot. As a result, when I press the hotkey, AppleScript opens a non-Alfred window to provide the search field, which is then passed to the app. The AppleScript is as follows: on alfred_script(q) set FS to display dialog "Search for?" default answer "" set query to text returned of FS tell application "FoxTrot Personal Search" search {query} end tell end alfred_script It would be great if I could use the default Alfred input window for this, but I don’t seem to be able to pass my search input to the app other than by using the AppleScript. Can anyone please help me with a sample workflow? Thank you!
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