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  1. Thanks! I repeated it 10 times and then 1Password was first again.
  2. Until recently when I typed "1" the first App. in the list was 1Password. Since some time - and I don't know why - iTunes is first in the list when I type "1". As I often type and hit return without looking iTunes is now somehow glued to the "1". Is there a preference-file where I can change that? Or: How do I train Alfred to put 1P back on No. 1 in the list? Thanks!
  3. What a little jewel! Thank you so much! Would it be possible to simplify german comma instead of dot/period?
  4. I think the download-link is missing...
  5. hi, I tried for more than an hour to find out where I can change the online service that is connected to the [translate " "]-command. Or is that hard-coced into Alfred? deepl.com has much better translation-algorithms than google-translate, at least for german, and I would prefer to use that service in the future. Can someone give me a hint? Thanks in advance!
  6. hi, hope I am right here with this, quick and direct: Migration Assistant (MA) could be improved: Why is the window modal (staying in the foreground/way even if not active)? Preparation: 1. There is space for a hint: ~/Application Support/Alfred 2/ 2. Or maybe the link to a workflow that integrates this (still incomplete) script: tell application "Finder" activate set target of Finder window 1 to folder "Applications" of startup disk -- not recorded: compress Alfred 2.app set target of Finder window 1 to folder "Library" of folder "NAME OF YOUR HOMEFOLDER" of
  7. hi @2pilvic: A helpful person from Houdah suggested that the cause for the error might be that you use HoudahSpot 3. This workflow works only with HoudahSpot 4! I corrected the announcement and changed the script accordingly. Version 1.1 awaits revision by packal.org.
  8. sorry @2pilvic , I don´t understand. On my machine I do not get an error.
  9. March 2016: Uploaded my first workflow: HouhaSpot Search

  10. This workflow enables you to quickly pass on a search phrase from Alfred to HoudahSpot 4. View at packal.org or download instantly. NB: This workflow does not work with earlier versions of HoudahSpot.
  11. I submitted the workflow to packal and it´s available now: http://www.packal.org/workflow/search-houdahspot
  12. hi, my workflow works fine until HS´S default window is open with the search-text box active. Maybe I have a very stupid brain day today but I don´t find the next module for this: HoudahSpot-Workflow I need the next step to paste the argument between the "..." into the active text-box.
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