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  1. I can't get Alfred to load the pre-release version, even though I have set it to do so in the preferences. This works as workflow only if I have selected the file before. But with the link as "input" it does not work.
  2. I don't understand how to send the MD link to Alfred. Select the file in the folder -> Selection Hotkey works. But I want to use the MD link instead of the file itself.
  3. Hey, My workflow seems to be quite strange. What I can not understand at all. 😉 At least I've been looking for a solution for days. My customer sends me a file (.jpeg) that I have to edit and put online on a certain day. So I copy the file into the customer folder and create a task for this day in my Task Manager (NotePlan). So that I don't have to search for the file again later, I want to link it in the task. That's why I create an MD link. So far everything is good. But when I click on the MD link, the file is opened in Preview. Because Preview is the default app for opening JPEG's. So as a preview the behaviour is quite nice, but in that case I have to edit the file in Photoshop. And I don't want to change the default application for opening JPEG's. And that is the problem. I can't open the file in Photoshop with the MD link. I would have to go back into the client folder and find the file. Furthermore, I've created a macOS Quick Action (Service) in Automator which also works when I select the file itself. But not the link to the file. What I want is a bit like opening an alias or symlink in Photoshop. Is there any way to achieve this with Alfred (with Powerpack)? Mario
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