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  1. I'd suggest: Shift + Cmd: Beginning Truncation
  2. I am a long time Alfred user and a great fan and brand ambassador. I use the app at home and at work, including many of its advanced features, but probably most frequently as a simple launcher and file finder. When Alfred returns results after I search for a file or folder (ex: 'xlan) , I often need to distinguish between results with the same names. The only way for me to do this would be to see the full file path, but Alfred truncates longer paths. What I wish for then is some way to view longer paths. I have several ideas: 1. Add a "Tool Tip" type option to show the full path when hovering over a file result returned in the search result. If hovering isn't desirable, perhaps a keystroke such as Cmd+Shift could change the truncation scheme so it shows the paths from the end and truncates the beginning. 2. If that's not possible, perhaps the main Alfred search box could be user resizable so one might stretch it wider. I've pasted some partially obfuscated search results below so you can see what I mean. There's more to those directory names. One ends in CURRENT and one ends in OLD, but I can't tell them apart. Thank you for reading!
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