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  1. you are missing the query field, and I think you have an extra comma. this should work: https://www.google.com/search?q={query}&tbs=qdr:y
  2. @deanisheI am trying to migrate my scripts to Python3 and I get this error below from your Workflow, what am I doing wrong? my python3 version should be 3.9.4. thanks! File "[...].py", line 12, in <module> from workflow import Workflow3, ICON_WEB, web File "[...]/src/workflow/__init__.py", line 16, in <module> from .workflow import Workflow, manager File "[...]/src/workflow/workflow.py", line 25, in <module> import cPickle ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cPickle'
  3. delete these lines below from the python script, or use this version if Days > 0: finalString = finalString + str(Days) + 'd ' yes, as @deanishe says if you are able to select the date you might want to apply the script to the clipboard content and launch it with a hotkey
  4. you mean entering year and month only? like: `2003-Dec`?
  5. this should work with your format, keyword: 'age'. hope this helps
  6. welcome to the forum @middlebrun! What would be your preferred format to entry the date of birth?
  7. thank you so much @vitor for your feedback! I will make these improvements in my next release. I also plan to learn how to add your updater to my workflows
  8. Using Beeminder to track your goals? You might be interested in this workflow to manage and update your Beeminder goals. Thanks – as usual – to @deanishe and @vitor for their guidance and templates. Feedback welcome! https://github.com/giovannicoppola/beeAlfred
  9. have you checked the debugger? What does it say? I noticed you had `search {query}`, have you tried without `for`?
  10. I can't test it with FoxTrot, but if you use a Run script (recommended over Run NSAppleScript) object, this below should achieve what you want. on run argv tell application "FoxTrot Personal Search" to search for (first item of argv) end run
  11. if you are doing your parsing in bash, `pbpaste` will return the clipboard content. Or, in Alfred, you can assign the clipboard content to a variable using an 'Arg and Vars' object (e.g. `myURL`) and then access it with {var:myURL}
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