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  1. thanks! that makes sense, I might be remembering adding files to email as attachments, which I do a lot more often. Would there be a way (perhaps in a separate workflow) to add a modifier key, to let the user copy a file to a new location?
  2. Hi all, I seem to remember that dragging one of Alfred's file results to a Finder's window resulted in a file ˆcopyˆ, but I just tried this and it results in in a file ^move^... has this changed recently, or am I remembering incorrectly? Thanks! Giovanni
  3. for the record, this does not change the order as it is shown by the 'viewer hotkey', but the clipboard content is changed... not sure this is the intended behavior? to summarize: I copy string A to clipboard [⌘V will paste string A] I copy string B to clipboard [⌘V will paste string B] I use my ultra-simple workflow to paste {clipboard:1}, which is string A, using the hotkey ⌘⌥V ⌘V will now paste string A, while I was expecting it to paste string B, based on the clipboard history I see using the 'viewer hotkey' thanks again for your help
  4. Thank you for getting back to me @vitor! I had missed this setting, cool! However, if my goal is to use a hotkey, the only way I could find to paste {clipboard:1} is to copy to clipboard, and then paste to the front most application. In that case, the history order will be changed. Is there an alternative way to paste to the front most application via a hotkey, without changing the order? Thanks!! Giovanni
  5. Hi all, I would like to create a shortkey to paste to the front most application the clipboard item before the last. That can be achieved accessing {clipboard:1}, copying to the clipboard, and then selecting 'automatically paste to front most app'. However, that copies the item to the clipboard, therefore making it the last (most recent) item in the clipboard history. Is there a way to access and paste items from the clipboard history without changing the order of the history itself? Thanks! Giovanni
  6. Thanks! That's what I suspected but I wanted to check. I also realized that one can start typing the search string in Alfred while the object is loading, so that also saves some time. Once loaded, it is pretty fast for subsequent queries. Thanks for your great help as always! Giovanni
  7. Hi all, I am working on a workflow which 1) loads a large (43MB) JSON object and then 2) uses Alfred to filter results (with word matching). Alfred currently takes ~3 sec to load the object. Here's my question: given that I am not fetching anything over the web or local network, would it still be beneficial (i.e. would make it faster) if I learn how to cache the JSON object? Or perhaps I should search via script and only serve the results to Alfred? Thanks!! Giovanni
  8. Thank you so much @deanishe for posting this. I was looking for a way to quickly query my BibTeX database and your script is perfect. ZotHero is great too, but probably too complex for my needs. I have a quick question, though! Many of my title entries span across multiple lines (see screenshot). Would you recommend to write a script to change the BibTeX file, or is there an easy way to edit the Python script? Or, should I use a Python BibTeX parser? Thanks!! Giovanni
  9. Hello, I wanted to try again to solve this problem. More generally, is there a way to customize the subtext in the file search results with some other metadata? For example, holding option would show file creation date in the subtext. Thanks!! Giovanni
  10. I have used OneDrive with Alfred for 2 years. Works great.
  11. Yes you can set that as a hotkey in Preferences>Clipboard History. Of course, make sure that shortcut is not assigned to something else in Alfred (or to Spotlight). hope this helps g
  12. Thanks! To clarify, I am trying to convert an XML script filter to JSON and I was wondering about the appropriate way to generate dynamically a JSON object containing multiple items (from grep matches), and avoid the trailing comma. thanks again! giovanni
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