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  1. Hi all, Is anybody else having issues with syncing? This is what I am experiencing after upgrading to Alfred 4 (I am using OneDrive to sync an iMac and a MacbookPro): changes (new workflows etc) are recorded in the shared preferences file, but in order to see them on my laptop, I need to close and reopen Alfred. When I do that, all the local settings (appearance, default hotkeys etc) reset to default. Perhaps something went wrong with the migration and I should try that again? Although I deleted Alfred 3. Other than that, Alfred 4 looks awesome! Thanks Giovanni
  2. thanks, this is what I had in mind! Does it update the json file only when the list.csv file is edited, or all the time? If the latter, will it be slower than a normal list filter if you have a long list.csv file? thanks for getting back to me! g.
  3. Hi all, Apologies if this has been discussed already... I use list filters a lot, and I would really like a way to add items to a list filter directly via Alfred, ie: if I enter an item that is not in the list, Alfred will add the new item to the list itself. Is there a way to do that? I would be ok with 1) using the same string for title, subtitle, and arg; and 2) going in the filter and correcting the inevitable items being added because of typos or mistakes. Thanks!! Giovanni
  4. But Alfred's is still without formatting (also links etc), correct? That is the main reason I didn't consider switching, but if there is a way around that, I'd love to know! Thanks Giovanni
  5. Hi, I created a custom search to show all gmail messages with a specific label, which works well (https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#label/{query}) However, I would like Alfred to suggest labels based on a custom list (e.g. a text file with all the labels). In other words, I would like to 1) type the keyword, 2) type space, 3) type the first letter of a label and have Alfred suggest all the labels beginning with that letter, so that I can select and send the {query} string. Is there a similar workflow I can edit, or would anyone have pointers on how to accomplish this? Thanks! Giovanni
  6. Hi, Has anything changed with this, either in OSX or Alfred? The search for annotation (eg phone number) within contacts has always worked perfectly, but stopped working recently. I am using High Sierra 10.13.1 (17B48) and Alfred 3.5.1 Build 883. Thanks! Giovanni
  7. this seems to be addressed in 3.4 ("Update Snippets feature preferences search to also search snippet content") but perhaps only when they are part of a workflow?
  8. It seems there is no workflow to show movie ratings in alfred (3) that is currently working? I tried Movie Ratings and RottenMovies... Thanks! G.
  9. Hi all, I remember we used to have a way to copy to clipboard a sharing URL for the currently selected file in Finder, does anybody know how to achieve that now? The steps I remember are: 1) select a file in Finder (within dropbox) 2) press shortcut 3) link to share via Dropbox (which is a right-click menu item) is generated 4) link is shown by Alfred in big font 5) link is copied to clipboard. Thanks in advance for your help! Giovanni
  10. Hi, Apologies in advance if this is obvious, but I was wondering if search scope can be determined by a folder having a tag or a specific spotlight comment. For example: search for file names in all folders with a specific tag. The closest I could find is dynamic file search (which is awesome!) but still the search scope is defined by a folder name, not attribute. Perhaps I can try to edit that? Thanks!! Giovanni
  11. UPDATE: I can now see the google drive icons, after upgrading to El Capitan. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I'd like to search for content (so corresponding to the 'in' command) but only within a specific folder and subfolders. How do I accomplish that in a workflow? Thanks! Giovanni
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