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    nickvitale got a reaction from Domenic in Browse and Manage alfred extension (alf)   
    Oh thank god! 3 nights in a row I was going to put in a request for this and 3 times I hit the backspace key and lost my text, thank you so much! So valuable!!
    I just needed a way to view all my installed workflows without opening the Alfred Preferences pane.
    I'm a workflow addict.
    I'm not a developer and this tool has HUGE potential in my opinion.
    I'm sure you're well booked with other requests but it'd be great if there could be non-developer features added to it..
    For instance, generating a link to share the creators URL The ability to open Alfred Preferences focused on that workflows, even if it just populates the search box for you It's awesome you got the keywords in, can you do the shortcut keys as well? I could probably go on and on... Thank you again, this is really so great!
    Thank you thank you!
    ### EDIT ###
    I was so excited I didn't even read the other posts. Now I see you can actually launch the workflow with the shift modifier. I don't know what to say. Thank you again, just awesome.
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