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  1. Hi, Thanks for your work. I would love this workflow to work. I just started using Any.Do and this is the key I think. Alfred workflows to fire tasks off. I'm a newbie at coding but I'm pretty good with computers. I've plugged in the info but my username and PW are denied. I can, however, log in to Any.Do with that information. It's brilliant, but sadly, I can't get it to work regardless. I'll watch this thread, I'd love to see an extension that could do this come to life. Thanks!
  2. Hiya, I've been a happy user of your extension for what seems like years at this point. Unfortunately, after I recently updated to Mavericks (yesterday), I also had an update to Alfred, and now your extension no longer records the timers. Rather I should say, when I check the recent timers after creating a timer, there are none listed. However, the notification does push through to Notifications (as I would expect it would still do.) The timers do still work. I am able to hear them go off and they are recorded correctly in notifications. I was wondering if you could post an update or take a look? I'm extremely forgetful (hence the need for timers!) and often find myself checking to see how long I have or whether or not I remembered to post one to set one to begin with. Thanks very much!
  3. This is pretty great. I use it frequently now. In fact, I've basically created a 3-5 of them so that I could manage different "quick journals". So I have a personal journal, a work journal, super fast "on the fly" notes for things people mention and then vanish and another for a basic shopping list plus a couple others. All of which live inside your workflow in Alfred. So I've edited and duplicated your script a handful of times. Currently I invoke the workflow with (in my case I use "-jw" ("journal work"), "-jp" ("personal journal"), this way when I type "-j + whatever" and I get a list of the various journals and then insert the entry. It would be really nice if the system could do all the work. Like a "setup" option that let you add new Journals with individual keywords or perhaps a menu listing the available journals to enter text into. Not sure if anyone else would find this useful but I like it. The append functionality offered by other Evernote extensions can be laborious and defeat the purpose of "quick entry" when the keyword commands are longer than the note you want to enter! So if you suddenly feel compelled it would be awesome if you wanted to add a setup option along with that functionality. I know it's a lot to ask but, hey, you never know. Only if there's a demand for it I guess, if no one else is bothered then don't worry about it. I can just keep duplicating the script as I have been. Thanks loads! p.s. I edited a custom Evernote icon I found on Google Images and made a few variations to help identify the journal one might be looking for: http://cl.ly/Q0iU
  4. Hiya, I am a huge fan of Alfred and Omnifocus. I recently came across a natural language processing Alfred workflow for creating new tasks. It's amazing. Check it out: http://www.dirtdon.com/?p=963 The creator is hoping someone will fork it in GitHub and pick it up from there. I've installed it and it's great but it could definitely use a community like the folks here to work on it. I'm not a coder but I think it's only 500 lines of code and the guy who wrote it is fairly well known. I don't know him but I know his name from posts on Mashable and Macstories. It's not a simple Alfred workflow to install but if you follow the steps it's easy enough to do it. It could use packaging. I'm happy to help anyone who needs I thought I would share this with the folks here. Enjoy.
  5. Hiya, I've installed following your directions. Creating a bookmark works just fine. Unfortunately when I try and send a file (privately or otherwise) I receive a "Sorry, an error occurred!" Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Thanks Marko! I do love the awesome power of DEVONthink but with the ease of Alfred it adds a whole new level of speed that can, depending on circumstances, be a bit annoying. (Obviously my giant databases do not help the situation.) Kerry, Great to see that DEVONthink looks and listens. I do quite a bit of 'listening' in my profession and anytime I see a brand with a digital product being proactive and actually paying attention to the marketplace and, in fact, digital as a whole, it instantly gives me a very positive impression of the brand. Bear in mind, I don't mean just having Twitter, but I mean actually seeking out comments, opportunities and an audience. It's great to see DEVONtech is on that list. I've always had a positive opinion and would highly recommend your products, but maybe just because of my impression, now I'm even more happy to have DEVONthink on my list of 'most important' apps. Kudos folks. Thanks again.
  7. In fact I have this app. I like it. At home on my Retina it's no problem to have running 24/7 but at work I have to count every, single, megabyte of RAM used and I have to use it carefully. Also, Popclip costs something, something that should cost nothing considering the 'power' a Mac has, even in Applescript, it's astounding that there isn't one really good service or script for something like this. Running an entire app, though filled with other features, is a bit crazy for this single feature. However, I take your point. It's definitely a valid solution, especially for either casual users or people that have enough RAM to validate the use of. I have used it, at home, and it has a lot of great plugins that offer a big increase in functionality like the Evernote integration. Thanks
  8. This is awesome! I have searched high and low for an easy way to do this. Applescripts, Alfred workflows, clipboard tricks, macros, entire applications, dashboard tools, Apple services, workflows, ... I think I made my point. I just wanted something easy. This is it. You have, literally, solved a multi-year search for a simple way to convert text to different cases. Also.. I'm not a coder, programmer or anything else so even if I found that github installation, I'd fail to make it work. Thank you again!
  9. This is awesome _mk_. Thank you so much! I was hoping you could make a tweak or two if possible? I have a database that has all my email in it. (about 14,000 emails.) When I want to find anything other than an email I am flooded with emails because there are so many. Is it possible to either specify a database to search in or add some syntax to potentially include operators like "-", perhaps quotes for phrases, or a wildcard like "*"? If *any* (I don't need all, I just need a way to filter things a bit) of the following search strings were possible it would be heaven: devon strategy*.pages devon "strategy document" devon <databasename> strategy devon strategy -mailto: Are any of these possible? Any single one would make it perfect. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming amount of content I have in my databases, there's just too much to be able to use a simple keyword search and get relevant results. If it's not possible or if it's a huge pain in the arse, no problem, I just thought it was worth asking. Thanks!
  10. This workflow is awesome for a nice pop up that's clean, accurate and easy to consume. However, if you're looking to get results back you can interact with, I recommend trying this one out: Check out: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1572-browse-alfred-extension-alfext/ I really like this help option when it comes to getting something static and easy to review. However, the above link allows for results within Alfred that you can interact with which is another side of the coin. Really helpful for me as I'm a workflow addict. Hope it helps.
  11. No Sir, do not dare to thank me, it's truly the least I can do. I, thank you, for this excellent extension and all your hard work. I've updated and it seems to be working brilliantly. I see a few other posts may have a few troubles but I just checked my current location vs the results and everything looks great on my end. I'll try it again tomorrow at the office and if it shares the right forecast I'd say it's sewn up. I'll let you know if anything else funky occurs but as of now, it's just perfect. Thank you so much again.
  12. So... At the risk fo being a complete arse.. incase you were wondering about features.. besides pretty pictures and sorts.. Maybe auto-locate long/lat? I just installed this today: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1660-geolocation/ - maybe it's an easy integration. I sync my Alfred settings between home and work so I'll need to pick a place in the middle and use that if I don't want to constantly be updating the long / lat. As a slight aside.. Weather in England can be snowing feet of snow and in a town less then 20 minutes away have a tropical spring day. I'm jumping the gun. Let's just enjoy the beauty and awesomeness in the ability to know the exact weather in my location without sticking my hand out the window. Ahh yes, it feels good, though a bit chilly. :-) Thanks again!
  13. Yes! It all works for me now! Thanks nick! I changed the long lat and inserted my API key from Dark Sky and it all works perfectly! So exciting! Thank you so much!
  14. This is awesomely handy. You should check in with the people making Dark Sky weather forecasting workflows as the Long / Lat is used to determine that info. it's awesome, completely accurate and very easy. Thanks very much. You just made my life easier.
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