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  1. Api url on Exchange Rate Api.io has changed to https://api.exchangeratesapi.io/latest So in code, u need to replace https://exchangeratesapi.io/api/latest with https://api.exchangeratesapi.io/latest (add.rb, base.rb, convert.rb and remove.rb) Maybe this could be replaced by some variable so in case of this change u don't need to replace it on 6 places Cheers, DD
  2. Ok. I found solution. When i add /Users/dd (my home folder) to search scope it starts working. And yes i have Include folders in Home enabled. I tried to uncheck and check it again but without any success. Just after i added home folder to Search scope directly, it starts working.
  3. Just noticed, that it's not just Documents folder, but also files i have directly in my home folder. /Users/dd/cards.txt
  4. Alfred doesn't see files in Documents folder. When i try to search such file in Spotlight it finds it without any troubles. When i copy that file to for example Downloads folder, then Alfred finds it pretty fine. But none file in Documents folder is find via open / find command. I tried to reload cache even to rebuild MetaData, but nothing helps. What can cause alfred to completly ignore my Documents folder? I also checked spotlight configuration, all is enabled there. Also i checked information about Documents folder for some alfred:ignore but didn't find anything like this. Also there was no such problem with v1. Thx, DD
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