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  1. Here's the link for the new release: https://github.com/filipebarros/alfredfm/releases/tag/v1.2.3 Mind that now it's more robust since instead of verifying only if the player is running, it also expects it to be playing a song: you can have iTunes and Spotify open, but if Spotify is playing and iTunes is not, the workflow will use Spotify instead of iTunes.
  2. I will try to update it when I have time. I'll update it on Packal and will post here
  3. I have released a new version on github with Swinsian support. I will try to check tomorrow for other apps support. If there's any problem please report it on github since it's easier to track than on a forum
  4. This feature would depend on the API's these media players have. I will see if there's any method to check the track info and will say something!
  5. I just updated the workflow with a bug fix and a new display: There was a problem with the album cover when accessing the track information, and i also updated the icon of the indicator of a loved track to have a different display. You can get it from here: https://github.com/filipebarros/alfredfm/releases
  6. It can also be because of the way the developer packages any needed gem
  7. Thank you for the reply. If anyone has some requests please open an issue on github and I will try to put it working. For now I am relying on kopischke to add ruby 1.8 compatibility because I don't have it on my system.
  8. I already merged and made a new release. Give it a go
  9. Hello, I just updated the workflow and the links. Please give it a try and tell me if you still have the problems. If you still can't set it up correctly, send me a private message with the log file in ~/Library/Logs/Alfred-Workflow.log. Best regards, Filipe
  10. Please download the new version, I updated the link on the first post with the new version.
  11. A user (kopischke on github) has developed a version that is usable on ruby 1.8 if you want to use it you can download it from here I started the workflow, but this was only possible to be usable on ruby 1.8 due to the time kopischke spent working on this!
  12. Sorry not to have any usable workflow for this, but I couldn't work this out yet. I'm doing the best I can to make it compatible with ruby 1.8.7. I hope I manage to solve this during this week. This is the problem of working in beta machines
  13. I think it may be because i'm using OS X Mavericks and the ruby version is 2.0.0 while previous OS X still have ruby 1.8.7. I'll look into it as soon as possible
  14. This workflow was created to easily enable the user to perform several actions with the last.fm interface without needing to access the web interface or the desktop application: only with Alfred! After some time using Alfred I decided to create a workflow for last.fm, since I am a heavy user and there was no workflow. This workflow allows users to love, ban, tag and untag the track currently playing in itunes, get information about artists, events, etc... Please keep in mind that this is my first shot developing a workflow. Any suggestions, features you wanted implemented, please list them! I'll do what I can to further develop the workflow. To get started, and to use all the features you have to setup Alfred.fm. You can do this by calling: alfredfm <lastfm_username>. It will open a browser tab and you have to click ok. After this step a notification will say if it was successful or not. If it was successful, you can now use all the methods, even those that need you to be authenticated. Screenshot Alfred.fm GitHub Repo
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