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  1. I'm probably missing something very basic here but I can figure out what. I have this AppleScript in Alfred on main(notetext) tell script "jemDT" create_entry(the current date, notetext) end tell end main on alfred_script(q) main(q) end alfred_script Unfortunately it seems like it's calling a cached (?) version of create_entry. If I make changes to what create_entry does, it doesn't show up when I call this script. But if I put this slightly modified script in Script Editor and try on main(notetext) tell script "jemDT" create_entry(the current date, notetext) end tell end main on alfred_script(q) main(q) end alfred_script alfred_script("Hello") Then everything works as expected. So to me it seems like Alfred uses a cached version of jemDT or something like that. Any suggestions for how I can get Alfred to use the current version of jemDT?
  2. I'm new to workflows so apply the usual excuses I want to make a simple workflow where I can select a number of files on the desktop and then press a shortcut to get them into Alfred where I then can launch the actual workflow. I've used a file action which then passes the result to an applescript - since I'm trying to get this to work it looks like this on alfred_script(fileList) display dialog ("Hello " & the number of items in fileList) display dialog (fileList as text) repeat with currentFile in fileList display dialog ("Loop " & currentFile) end repeat end alfred_script I got a bit of a surprise when I selected one file and the script said it was 57 items in there ... but it turned out that the fileList is a string not a list as I thought. Can I in some way get fileList to be a list?
  3. I'm pretty new to workflows so this is probably really basic but I can't figure out how to do this: I have a set of text file templates that I want to paste into different apps, my problem is that I want to list these templates in some way let the user select one of these file open the file, do some changes and paste it into the desired app My problem is step 1 and 2, how do I do this in Alfred?
  4. Newbie here, I'm afraid I haven't really understood how data is passed between Alfred and scripts. Could anyone please explain how it's done? I'm mostly interested in Applescript and Python (although I assume that all scripting languages works the same). - jem
  5. Looks like workflows are the next thing to play around with
  6. OK, I'll see if I can figure out a good way to do this (or change my habits) As for 'gj' and 'gjo', they are site specific browsers (each using it's own set of login info etc) but I'll figure out some way of handling this.
  7. Another newbie question (Alfred have been installed about 24 hours ): I'm used to certain "keywords"/shortcuts from Launchbar, for example 'ff' for firefox, 'gj' a one site specific browser and 'gjo' for another. I can teach Launchbar which app to use by typing the keyword and then select which app I wanted (if it doesn't list the correct one first). How can I do something similar in Alfred?
  8. I've just downloaded Alfred for the first time and is testing it out. I'm currently using Launchbar and it has one feature that I really like, I can select one or more files in Finder, hit a shortcut and then do something with them (for example run applescript with these files as arguments, open the files in a program, etc). I've looked at the documentation and it looks like File Actions in Alfred works the same way, but since it's a powerpack feature I can't really check if works similar to how Launchbar does. So, since I've discovered that I use this feature a lot, can I do the same thing in Alfred as I can do in Launchbar?
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