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  1. Fogh

    SABnzbd workflow

    I have thought about it. But it looks like Alfred is getting its own workflow updating support in an upcoming update.
  2. Fogh

    SABnzbd workflow

    The workflow has been updated with keywords for clearing history and pausing/resuming queue Download the new version on the Github page: http://fogh.github.io/SABnzbd-Alfred/ "sab clear" - clears history "sab pause" - Toggles between pausing and resuming queue
  3. Fogh

    SABnzbd workflow

    Is it support for pausing/resuming all or individual downloads you want?
  4. Fogh

    SABnzbd workflow

    Your welcome. I will look into adding pausing and resuming when I get some spare time
  5. Fogh

    SABnzbd workflow

    I have created workflows for Sickbeard and CouchPotato, so I thought a workflow for SABnzbd would be useful as well. Download and setup instructions can be found here: http://fogh.github.io/SABnzbd-Alfred/