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  1. Thanks for that @deanishe. There are a couple of options that could be pursued, but they're all significant and they're all theoretical. I'd love to be able to experiment and figure this out but I just don't have the time. So, realistically, I'm waiting to see if someone else finds a way to access the notes in an easy way, and if so I can try something similar in this workflow. I am not holding my breath though. Unfortunately Apple just doesn't care about making this stuff work outside of their native apps, particularly outside of iOS. That's fine-- the native notes app works well
  2. Looks like Apple changed the way notes are stored (they're now in a single database file), so the current method of searching them no longer works. There might be a way to make it work, but I'll need to do some research.
  3. Thanks Andrew, sorry for the delay, I was away on vacation. I've just tested on build 874 high sierra b9 and it's looking good!
  4. It's the current release version. Works fine except on High Sierra.
  5. Apologies, by "nothing" I meant "no errors or anything out of the ordinary" Here's the output when I try to run: Starting debug for 'Reminders for Alfred 3' [2017-09-06 15:26:44][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 's' [2017-09-06 15:26:44][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'so' [2017-09-06 15:26:44][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'som' [2017-09-06 15:26:45][input.scriptfilter] Queuing argument 'some' [2017-09-06 15:26:45][input.scriptfilter] Script with argument 'some' finished [2017-09-06 15:26:45][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] /Users/jack/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredprefer
  6. nothing in the debugger, and all other workflows are fine. but AFAIK none of the other workflows are using JXA. returning it
  7. Since beta 7 of macOS High Sierra, I've been having issues with Alfred (v3.4.1) not allowing items to be actioned. For example, given this JSON output from a osascript (JS): { "items": [{ "title": "Add Reminder", "arg": -1, "valid": true, "subtitle": "Create a new reminder to \"something\"", "icon": { "path": "" } }], "variables": { "reminders": "[{\"arg\":-1,\"text\":\"something\",\"body\":\"\",\"date\":\"\",\"list\":\"\",\"priority\":null,\"application\":\"\"}]", "quitAfter": "true" } } (expanded for readability) I get the action showing u
  8. Everyone with issues, if you could post them on Github, I'll try to get them resolved.
  9. Should be fixed now, sorry about that!
  10. FYI the latest version (v73) now includes an external trigger. I just tested it with the "this" keyword, and it seems to work correctly:
  11. Not really. I will think about maybe enabling triggers on the workflow to allow for this. However you can at least do this: Create a new workflow like so: In the Run NSAppleScript: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Alfred 3" to search "r this" end alfred_script This will prepopulate Alfred with "r this" when you press your hotkey, so all you need to do is press enter
  12. Hi everyone. The new version is now live, if you are using macOS 10.12 and Alfred v3, I encourage you to update. Please see the first post with download links and updated usage instructions. Refer to the changelog at the bottom for more details about the changes. Thanks everyone for your feedback, and sorry it took such a long time to get this update out!
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