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  1. Just figured out to use "Run Script" instead and then found gcoller's request for same feature from January (Checkbox to not escape the {query} portion of a Web Search). Still would be nice to just uncheck "Encode URL" in the Open URL action.
  2. Hi, I made a workflow to access a web service that uses slash-delineated arguments. The pattern is "http://server/service/argument". I need to type the service and the argument, so the pattern is "http://server/{query}". I enter the Alfred keyword followed by "service/argument". The problem is that Alfred converts the slash to %2F instead of passing it through as a slash. Is there a way to specify that I *don't* want the query URI-encoded in the Open URL action? I turned off UTF-8 encoding, but that only disables the UTF-8 bit. Thx. Brendan
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