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  1. ooops, sorry, I did not check the forum for quite a while. did you come up with a solution, yet?
  2. I've seen your post and will reply and test
  3. Hey, I don't have a github repo, and I'd be fine with any improvement you may want to add to it. Feel free
  4. Hi all, this will be my first shared Alfred 2 WF ..please be advised, that I am no scripting expert What I did is to create a WF to make use of my yourls set up (http://yourls.org - custom php script to shorten urls) The WF will grab the frontmost URL in Safari (you might want to change the browser in the script), curl it, and copy the URL to the clipboard as well as posting a notification. Important: Be sure to make the necessary changes in the script. What you need to enter is your URL where yourls is located and your API token. I chose to make Safari the browser o
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