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    Alex got a reaction from Gal&Gal in Making Alfred Remote contextual, like the new Touch Bar   
    Hi, I use Alfred Remote on my iPad mini and it's great. However, what would be even better was if it had an understanding of what you are doing on your computer, and could then adjust what was being displayed, in a similar way to the new Touch Bar.
    For example, when in Chrome it could show me things specific to Chrome, like all of my open tabs. Even better would be that it could know when I'm at gmail.com and then show me things specific to Gmail (like the formatting options, new mail, etc).
    Now, I'm sure there are limitations on what can be achieved, but even just adding a trigger to Alfred that could adjust the page being displayed in Remote depending on the active window would be a massive step. Then I could setup all my own shortcuts for specific apps and have them displayed when I'm using that app.
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