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  1. Brave History Search Alfred workflow to search Brave Browser History Required Brave Browser (Chromium) Download: https://github.com/Acidham/brave-history
  2. Added Pull Request for Brave Browser (https://brave.com/)
  3. Open Folder from Alfred in Forklift Usage Search folder in Alfred → File Action → open with Forklift Download on GitHub
  4. Fixed! Thx for the feedback @cands and thank you @deanishe for your help!
  5. Done....date string can now be formatted in WF settings
  6. Updated to v 2.0. Complete rewritten in Python for getting faster results. https://github.com/Acidham/recent-files-in-folders
  7. Found the issue. I need to check "Don't close the Alfred window on actioning result" after script filter.
  8. I am running Alfred 3.7.1 Pre-Release Build 942 on Mac OS 10.14.1. After I used quicklook in my WF, execute the same step via external call self Alfred stops (closing my WF). Without using quicklook first the call self works. I found the following in console: 27366555: RECEIVED OUT-OF-SEQUENCE NOTIFICATION: 442 vs 527, 513, <private> Is this related to a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Argh, stupid. Usually I am setting bundle id but forgot ? thx for the help!
  10. Is it possible because I am using External Script in Script Filter? I am need to run my script on Python3.7 therefore I thought external script will work better. Attached test wf without using External Script. The issue stays the same https://db.tt/QenwLHNNkc
  11. I am trying to switch from AS to python and started to migrate some of my workflows. In AS it was easy to get 'alfred_workflow_cache' dir by using shell command. But how can this be achieved with python? I found on danishe page to use os.getenv('alfred_workflow_cache') but it returns None (NoneType) .
  12. Removed the need of JSON Helper. Download new Version on GitHub
  13. Create a Todoist task from selected Apple Mail To get it to work you need: Todoist Premium (todoist.com) JSON Helper (mousedown.net) Download: GitHub It is an early version and still contains some bugs because I did not test all use cases.
  14. Find a location on Google Maps This workflow generates a Google Map image of a location (e.g.country, address or city). The location will be shown as pin marker. The image can then be used for e.g. sharing with others. Required Google Map API Key Optional: Drop Workflow Usage Enter floc followed by a location change zoom level if required Enter to open image in preview or press shift CMD send the image for sharing to dropbox. Requires: Drop Workflow ALT opens file actions for the image Download on GIT: https://github.com/Acidham/find-location
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