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  1. Over the past days I ran some tests on implement additional directories and sub-folders scanning but the performance loss is around 50 times slower. To get to same or equal performance experience I need to implement and index. For my personal requirements I don't need additional directories and therefore I refrain from implementing additional directories and sub-folder scanning. Sorry!
  2. For some reason I am not able to switch background images in themes editor. When I click on the mountain icons nothing happens and the background stays empty. Any idea on how to restore the backgrounds? I tried to reinstall but it does not solve the issues. I am on Alfred 4.0.8 on macOS 10.15.3
  3. I started to investigate what needs to be changed and the changes are require a lot of adoption. I am now thinking of just implementing read to additional folder but new notes will go to the default directory. With that I can leave current code-base as it is and just add a new search, aggregating additional directories. thoughts?
  4. Strange, When I enter Test Friday 7:00 Work Can you confirm to get Reminder added at 12:00 am with entries in WF steps above? Can you execute the following script in ScriptEditor? At what time the Reminder gets created? tell application "Reminders" set theDate to date ("12 February 2020 at 07:00:00 am") tell list "Work" make new reminder with properties {name:"Test", remind me date:theDate} end tell end tell
  5. @Bogga The WF output looks ok and Reminder should be created. What macOS version are you using? Are you sure that Reminders has a list "Work" and not in subfolders? You can run following test in Apple ScriptEditor and see if the reminder will be created: tell application "Reminders" set theDate to date ("12 February 2020 at 12:00:00 am") tell list "Work" make new reminder with properties {name:"Test", remind me date:theDate} end tell end tell
  6. @samvlu: Is there a GIT for that workflow to make pull request...I added "Browse in Terminal" ... not a big thing but I tend to keep my version in sync with your version
  7. Thx @deanishe @cands Done!
  8. @deanishe any idea how to exchange diacritics (e.g. é → e) in python?
  9. In my previous post I rejected to add subfolder scanning/searching but adding more than one folder would be a nice alternative. I will take a look into adding multiple folder in config which will be searched as well... I am using YAML front to ensure Tags: only in YAML Front will be searched for Tags. But I could add an option to allow yaml_tags_only=True. When set to False tags in the full content will be searched. Alternatively you can search for #tagname in search. This will find tags in the text. Thank you for your feedback, stay tuned ....
  10. Seems to be an issue with Image Events under Catalina: https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/124420 To fix there is a simple solution: https://darjeelingsteve.com/articles/Fixing-"Image-Events"-AppleScripts-Broken-in-macOS-10.15-Catalina.html
  11. Finally version 1.0 including Firefox History AND Bookmarks, plus: Improved search: Now supporting white-space and & search Now supports special character search like german umlauts Download on Git
  12. With new version 0.9.9 I added support for Firefox History. Bookmarks will follow Download on Git
  13. Wow, great workflow with JS Applescript!
  14. Here we go v.2.2, let me know how it goes... New Features Added ability to paste tag from tag search into frontmost app Added new flag to settings to change search behaviour to run exact match or match any string (exact_match) Improvements Exchanged custom html to markdown converter to pandoc. The custom converter were not able to import a some webpages. Please ensure to install pandoc (the link can be found in mdhelp or README) rewrite of the search algorithm due to unicode issues Bugfixes The Search is now unicode savy, means e.g. german umlauts will now be found in md notes Improved filename normalisation Download via Git
  15. @deanishe Agree, therefore I spent the whole Saturday to solve this issue. Over night I came to conclusion to unicodedata.normalize both content of the markdown and search terms and I did some tests so far. It seems to work because both encodings are normalised in the right way. Discard all was my first idea but I am not happy because it distorts the search and results. I am running some further tests and will release hopefully today.
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