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  1. Shows recent files in a folder and allow open the file, reveal in Finder or share via Dropox (requires WF http://www.packal.org/workflow/drop) custom folders can be set in List Filter relative to the home directory e.g. Desktop or Desktop:somefolder GitHub
  2. Acidham

    LaTeX Math to PNG

    The API just support images to use on the web means as far as I can see png are 96 pixels. An alternative could be to use SVG which is scalable but not sure if you can work with SVG?
  3. Acidham

    Rsync Folders

    Thx @deanishe for the hint and @JAAE for reporting! Fixed in version 1.3.1: https://github.com/Acidham/rsync-folders/blob/master/RSync Folders.alfredworkflow
  4. Acidham

    Rsync Folders

    Which version or rsync are you using? You can find version when you open WF in Alfred preferences, top right corner [x] symbol.
  5. I found a solution. Log can be implemented with: do shell script "logger -t 'AS DEBUG' " & myObj Before executing the script just open console log and search for logger.
  6. my.scpt in my example returns script filter output and in between I am using log to output eg. a path. Means I cannot combine log from my.scpt with script filter output. Is there any other way to get log output into Alfred Debugger Console or maybe console.log?
  7. That was my expectation as well but nothing is showing up in Alfred Debugger Console. Let me be more specific: I am using following AS in a script filter: run script "my.scpt" with parameters "{query}" my.scpt contains a log output: log "Hello world" When i run the script filter "Hello world" is not showing up in Script Debugger Console.
  8. I am using run script in workflow steps. Is there a way to tell the external applescript to write to Alfred's debugger console ?
  9. Acidham

    Rsync Folders

    Thx for the feedback and suggestions! I added a few of your feature requests but auto mount is missing and a way to figure out which of the folders contain changes. Hope that helps a bit!?
  10. Acidham

    Rsync Folders

    Rsync Folders for Alfred Keep a set of folders in sync with their target folders via rsync. Usage rsync: executes all rsync configurations add a new entry to rsync batch delete an entry from the batch file Downloads: https://github.com/Acidham/rsync-folders http://www.packal.org/workflow/rsync-folders
  11. Acidham

    LaTeX Math to PNG

    LaTeX Math equation to png The workflow creates a PNG from a Latex Equation using the Web API from https://latex.codecogs.com The symbols can be extended within the AppleScript. https://github.com/Acidham/latex-to-png http://www.packal.org/workflow/latex-math-png
  12. Seems its related to High Sierra ... There is an issue open on git...
  13. No just 2-6 times. Is an API key required or something?
  14. hmm, any idea on what I did wrong or why I am receiving instantly this error?