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  1. Find a location on Google Maps This workflow generates a Google Map image of a location (e.g.country, address or city). The location will be shown as pin marker. The image can then be used for e.g. sharing with others. Required Google Map API Key Optional: Drop Workflow Usage Enter floc followed by a location change zoom level if required Enter to open image in preview or press shift CMD send the image for sharing to dropbox. Requires: Drop Workflow ALT opens file actions for the image Download on GIT: https://github.com/Acidham/find-location
  2. Acidham

    Evernote Bookmarks

    Under the [X]
  3. Acidham

    Evernote Bookmarks

    Hi. Did you configure the tag name in WF settings? The tag name is the name of the tag that you use to tag a Evernote notes with URLs. If yes and it is still not working, what is the WF log saying (small bug top right)
  4. Seems a quite complicated setup. Best and easiest would be a workflow that search for a alfred wf and then publish it to github.
  5. A workflow which preps for Git commits would also help. When I would like to commit a new or changed workflow I need to: create repo on git clone git repo create source folder in local repo Export workflow in Alfred to the git local repo rsync workflow sources to source folder in local repo commit maybe I am doing something wrong but an easier work-flow would be better....workflows are a core feature from Alfred.
  6. That‘s a valid argument but at least support packaging mechanism for git commits (binary+arc+readme) would help to improve the process.
  7. Creating workflow and then share it via alfredforum is time consuming, e.g. create repo on github, export WF, create repo on your computer, etc. . Wouldn't it be great to share a worflow within Alfred directly with a WF gallery for downloading shared workflows?
  8. Acidham

    TimeZone Converter

    TimeZone Converter for Alfred v 1.1 TimeZone Converter converts time from a location to a destination Requires: JSON Helper from Mousedown: http://www.mousedown.net/mouseware/JSONHelper.html API Key from: http://api.timezonedb.com/ Google API Key: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key?hl=en Download: GitHub
  9. I am experiencing the same with Amazon Secret Key. Even if I add it to .gauth it will not show up in gauth for alfred The key from Amazon looks like this: AC5B WYRK YWRK NSBU C42A 6IR2 BSGF YMMC BYUZ LLS2 B2GE IQ2Z RP4B
  10. Acidham

    Evernote Bookmarks

    Updated to v 1.4 - Added OneUpdater - Added ALT mod to open Evernote in a new window https://github.com/Acidham/Evernote-Bookmarks
  11. Shows recent files in a folder and allow open the file, reveal in Finder or share via Dropox (requires WF http://www.packal.org/workflow/drop) custom folders can be set in List Filter relative to the home directory e.g. Desktop or Desktop:somefolder GitHub
  12. Acidham

    LaTeX Math to PNG

    The API just support images to use on the web means as far as I can see png are 96 pixels. An alternative could be to use SVG which is scalable but not sure if you can work with SVG?
  13. Acidham

    Rsync Folders

    Thx @deanishe for the hint and @JAAE for reporting! Fixed in version 1.3.1: https://github.com/Acidham/rsync-folders/blob/master/RSync Folders.alfredworkflow
  14. Acidham

    Rsync Folders

    Which version or rsync are you using? You can find version when you open WF in Alfred preferences, top right corner [x] symbol.
  15. I found a solution. Log can be implemented with: do shell script "logger -t 'AS DEBUG' " & myObj Before executing the script just open console log and search for logger.