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  1. I am using Siri workflow...with Siri WF you can type your query and with that you can control home automation
  2. Sure but I do not own AirPods Max. Therefore, I need VendorID and ProductID. Please follow following instructions and provide me with the two IDs: https://github.com/Acidham/alfred-airpod-connector/issues/1#issuecomment-657230457
  3. Interesting, I just checked the code, but I already fixed the readPlist issue. @evaaa Let me know on which version of the chromium-hist-bookmarks workflow you are. Latest, containing fix for the readPlist issue is 2.2.1
  4. I know, I nead to change that but didn't had time
  5. This error comes from Python 3.9 on plist libs. I assume you have 3.8 also installed on your system. What version are you using for python3 pyhton3 -V
  6. In the log that you sent in previous posts shows that the folders were properly responded back, and hopefully it will be shown in Alfred: jret18 Temp Downloads 2021 unsorted Dropbox Dropbox Distribution Let's focus on one e.g. jret18: What happens when you press ENTER on that one? What is the log showing? Don't forget to have Alfred Workflow open with debugger enabled. If it fails there must be an error (written in red)
  7. Hmm sound like permission Problem. Did you check that all required permissions were set: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/getting-started/permissions/
  8. Ok this output looks ok and list all folders. Did you press enter on a folder before you copied the log output? If yes which one? please run again with log enabled and also choose a folder and copy paste the result.
  9. Can you take a look into the log if you find any error? Or just copy the content and add it here. Does the directory /Users/jret18/Distribution contain any files?
  10. What is debug output when you exec the workflow? you can open the workflow in Alfred Preferences, click the bug icon top right and run the workflow.
  11. Please try following workaround and let me know:
  12. yes I encountered the same and it seems that Firefox history is slowing it down. Once I disabled Firefox in settings history search is fast. You can play around with sql_fire_limit which also speeds up history search but the fastest experience that you can get is by disabling Firefox from history search.
  13. I seem that the workflow picks up python version 3.9 but it is expected to pick python version 3.7.3. I do not have version 3.9 installed on my computer therefore I cannot test. Let's do the following: 1. open py3.sh in workflow directory 2. change PREFER_LATEST to 0 3. Delete directory ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/com.apple.alfred.workflow.chromium-hist 4. exec workflow again I hope python 3.7.3 will be set as python3 version
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