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  1. Suggestion: The SECRET is stored in plain text file what about to get SECRET from Keychain? I am not experienced in Python but google tells me that there are methods which read and write to keychain.
  2. @hpoul good question! E.g. when using clipart with Power Point, SVG is not supported. Why not implementing further steps if required to convert svg to png and enter size or presets?
  3. Is there a way to change output to PNG instead of SVG?
  4. Script Filter JSON Format

    Thx a lot for your help. I need some practice now
  5. Script Filter JSON Format

    I am not able to get the "icon": {"type":"fileicon", {"path":"icon.png"}} piece into the dict. I tried set theItems to {} set end of theItems to json's createDictWith({{"title", "foo"}, {"uid", 1}}) set end of theItems to json's createDictWith({{"title", "bar"}, {"uid", 2}}) set theFileIcon to json's createDictWith({{"type", "fileicon"}, {"path", "icon.png"}}) set end of theItems to json's createDictWith("icon", theFileIcon)$
  6. Script Filter JSON Format

    Thx for the example, that works. I will try to get used of using JSON instead of XML even it seems to be bit complicated
  7. Script Filter JSON Format

    Thx for the link and I tried it but I am not able to get a basic JSON with {"items": [ {"title":"foo",{"uid":1} {"title":"bar",{"uid":2} ]} together with the applescript
  8. Script Filter JSON Format

    For usability reason I suggest better solution for Script Filter Output. Maybe it is all great from a developer perspective but for non developers and script kiddis like me it becomes really hard to deal with Script Filters. For me Alfred is an efficient tool to write quick and short scripts which helps me on my daily business. Lets hope to get better support for producing output from script filters in the future.
  9. Script Filter JSON Format

    Thats why I am using Applescript with Alfred. What about when Alfred would provide an Applescript function to create JSON Output? Applescript is most efficient when you need to talk to other Apps. I was fine with XML but bad that it will disappear.
  10. Script Filter JSON Format

    Seems that I have to switch to JavaScript instead. Working with JSON in AppleSript is a pain.
  11. In the past I used XML format for generating output of Script Filter in Applescript. It seems that XML will be depreciated soon and the format for going forward will be JSON output. With Applescript the JSON format is quite cumbersome because when I am using repeat loop to generate icons the comma in between the items cannot be set properly. e.g. {"items": [ {<menu item 1>}, {<menu item 2>} ] } After menu item 1 i need a comma. with xml it was not a problem because i was able to loop and create new items without a comma. Are there any best practices to use the Script JSON format with applescript and especially within repeat loops?
  12. Evernote Bookmarks

    Updated to v 1.1 Some minor improvements with special characters in the title and better search results.
  13. Evernote Bookmarks

    Why not using Evernote as Bookmark Manager? I am constantly saving URLs as bookmarks with the Evernote web clipper but finding it and open it was a bit challenging. Therefore I decided to implement a Alfred WF for searching Evernote notes based on a given tag and search term: Usage: enb <query> - Shift for quicklook url - CMD to copy to clipboard http://www.packal.org/workflow/evernote-bookmarks
  14. Resize Image

    I am not using FL3 but get selection only works in Finder. You have to use Alfred for collecting images and use file action command. Does FL3 support any scripts or action command from AppleScript or Bash? If yes I could take a look on how to enhance my WF.
  15. Resize Image

    Ok just updated to 1.2, please install new version from packal.org Note: There are two ways on how to trigger Resize Image: 1. Select one or more files in Finder, open Alfred and type rimage plus target width 2. Search png or jpg via Alfred and use File Action Resize Image