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    I got it working... the syntax of the parse command changed a bit with omnifocus 2:
    on alfred_script(q) set theName to (q) set isRunning to false tell application "System Events" if exists process "OmniFocus" then set isRunning to true end if end tell if isRunning is true then tell application "OmniFocus" tell default document parse tasks into with transport text q end tell end tell else tell application "OmniFocus" to activate tell application "OmniFocus" parse tasks into default document with transport text q end tell end if end alfred_script both ways of calling "parse" are shown in the script - just paste it to the script editor. Should work now!
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    zagdul reacted to tschoof in Tunnelblick OpenVPN Workflow   
    Hey, I'm using this oneĀ for that. I find only one command a bit more handy. No offense, just for your inspiration
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