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  1. I found the script wasn't working reliably. Tweaked it a little. Also: the enabling of "Allow Javascript from Apple Events" in the Safari Dev menu is necessary for the text/title selection/copying. Cheers! DOWNLOAD
  2. The workflow takes the url of the active safari tab, and copies it to the clipboard. If you want it also throws the the page title in there. If you have selected some text, it tries to recognize that and takes that instead of the page title. It also can directly paste that whole string. That's it. Tremendously helpful for IM conversations or as a starting point for a Tweet. I have bound it like this CMD Option U to copy URL CMD Option Shift U to paste URL CMD Option K to copy Page Title and URL CMD Option Shift K to paste
  3. What about email addresses? I hate when people know my email address I use for iMessage but send messages to my mobile number, cause Apple still has problems with syncing up and unifying the chat history. I'd even go to a manual process! I'm only messaging a handful of people (and groups of them) on a regular basis anyway.
  4. +1 for the idea can't wait for the polished thing
  5. Hey there, sorry don't wanna disencourage you, but this workflow seems to do the same with less config hassle, right?
  6. This is great, thanks! Any possibiltiy to add a function for group chats? Or a way to make the syntax accept them?
  7. Oh yeah I'd be really interested in this too! The availability for movies varies greatly between the different countries, so that'd be really useful
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