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  1. Tyler, your changes in the workflow did the trick! Now it takes my AppID & retrieves information. Thanks a ton for taking time to re do your code! I very much appreciate it! bpsonner (American living in Budapest)
  2. I entered in the Alfred 2 box "appid EYLW26-T5XLG56WVE" then Wolfram Alpha validated my AppID. But, in notifications I got this message"Wolfram | Alpha ID Saved Saved as 'Parse error in User/Dorsey/Library/Application Support /Alfred 2 … But, when I try to use the workflow, the next entry I make gets a response of "Please provide your WA AppID. I re-installed your workflow and still get this response. What should I try next? Thanks!
  3. I tired entering 'appid … but Alfred started a google search on 'appid. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I'm a total newbe with Alfred 2 workflows … I don't know how to get a Wolfram Alpha AppID. Where do I get this AND where do I enter it in the workflow. I have registered & can sign in w/ the WA site. Thanks! bpsooner
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