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  1. Carlos, That worked like a charm. I guess I was confused on how to name the templates and the syntax to activate it. Your example was very helpful. Thanks! Ed
  2. Hi Carlos, I am still having trouble with using my template and filling in the fields. My template can be found at the link below. Could you try it out and see if you can make it work for yourself? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8556651/My%20Template.enex Thanks, Ed
  3. Carlos, Love the template functionality. What characters for the placeholders. I have tried the "pipe" symbol and lowercase L but neither seems to be working for me... I probably just have the wrong place holder in my template. Also what character are you suing when you type the note to delimit the placeholder? Thanks! Ed
  4. After following your steps, everything seems to be working. Thank you! Loving all the updates and features!
  5. Carlos, I am having some trouble with the Append functionality. Perhaps I am doing it wrong but when I follow the steps in the help section, it doesn't list any notes for me to choose. After I hit command-enter, the only options available are search engines. None of my notes from Evernote are appearing even though I know there are matches to what is typed so far. See image.... (by the way, I switched to Evernote download instead of app store and I just downloaded 8.61 of the workflow with the same results) By the way... LOVING the new multiline functionality (/n)!!
  6. Carlos, I think that would work and would be very usable! Great stuff! Thank you! Ed
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! I think that is a great idea. Is it possible to use a shorter "delimiter" for a new line? Typing one character instead of three might be quicker. Something like: enn Shopping List | Milk | Eggs | Apples @Notebook #Tag1 #Tag2 !Reminder Would something like that work? Ed
  8. Hi Carlos, Great work and very usable workflow. Quick newbie syntax question that I can't seem to figure out. How do I type a new note directly into alfred AND have a separate title for the note. It seems everything I try duplicates the note in the title of the note. That makes for really long titles. What am I missing? Thanks in advance! Ed
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