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  1. I'm trying to get Alfred run the following external script: export LC_CTYPE=C export LANG=C cd /Users/tim/Desktop/"Remove Annotations" for file in *.pdf do outname=`sed -e "s/\.pdf$/_.pdf/"<<<"$file"` pdftk $file output - uncompress | sed '/^\/Annots/d' | pdftk - output $outname compress finalname=`sed -e "s/\_\.pdf$/.pdf/"<<<"$outname"` mv $outname /Users/tim/Desktop/$finalname echo "$file: done" done When running in from the Terminal it works fine, but Alfred seems to not do anything. The debugger doesn't say anything enlightening either. Maybe someone else can help me?
  2. Is it possible to update this workflow: https://github.com/gillibrand/alfred-change-case
  3. Somehow this isn't working on my end. I've reinstalled Python 2 with this guide and downloaded the updated workflow, but still nothing...
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