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  1. OK, thanks. I've entered those commands. As I say, that just removes the pyenv version of python 2. Any ideas on how to remove the intel package python 2 once my workflows are updated to python 3?
  2. I am referring to the python package I installed on my intel iMac from https://www.python.org/downloads/macos/. I don't know how to uninstall that when the time comes (as that was the only way I could get my intel iMac working with Alfred again) Doesn't what you've posted above only remove the pyenv (homebrew version)? That's easy to remove as you can even just type pyenv uninstall 2.7.18 The pyenv solution did not work for me at all on the Intel Mac (on my Apple silicon mac it worked just fine so I have different solutions in place depending on CPU architecture).
  3. I ended up installing Python2 package on my Intel iMac. I have learned since that post that homebrew deals with the installation of python2 (or rather pyenv) differently depending on CPU architecture (Apple silicon vs Intel). I could not get python2 working with Alfred under macOS Intel architecture (whereas Apple silicon it worked exactly as expected). So installing the official Python 2 package on my Intel iMac fixed the problem (basically it went back to what life was like before Apple removed Python 2 in 12.3) and it just works with Alfred. Not ideal as I don't know how to remove python2 later on when eventually my python2 workflows are upgraded to python3, but a problem for another day!
  4. Many thanks for posting this. It worked perfectly for my MacBook Pro M1 Max. It puts the path /opt/homebrew/bin/python/ and that is is the dropdown box in Alfred as expected in Workflows. I then modify my script to run from the same path and works perfectly. On my iMac Intel, the path remains /usr/bin/python typing /usr/bin/python --version shows Python 2.7.18. It's also in the path so I can just type python --version. So if I select from the dropdown in Alfred with /usr/bin/python and then point my script with /usr/bin/python it does not work. I followed the instructions exactly as described here https://www.alfredapp.com/help/kb/python-2-monterey/ on both machines. Why I got a different results on the MacBook Pro M1 Max from my iMac Intel I don't know. I specifically and obviously mentioning one is running Apple silicon and the other is running intel on the basis there could be something in that. Lost as to where to go from here, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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