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  1. Hi, same thing here, except that I don't have Time Machine enabled, and I use Dropbox syncing ;( I don't see my workflow in the trashcan, nor in my dropbox... Anything else I can do? EDIT : Ok, found it myself : Fortunately, Dropbox has a feature to restore deleted folders and files. It's accessible in the web interface.
  2. Hi Rodger, and thanks for your answer. However no, this is not what I meant I'll try to be more precise. In Alfred v1 : 1. Create a custom search 2. Enter a search url with {query} specified (e.g. http://site.com/?q={query}) 3. Enter the following title : My search 4. Test the search ↳ Alfred displays : My search '...', or My search 'hey' when you type. In Alfred v2 : 1. Do the same things as above ↳ Alfred only displays : My search, even when you type. A solution that works for v2 : Modify the title this way : My search '{query}' Alfred v1 was automatically adding '{query}' at the end of titles. So, my question was : Is there a way to reactivate Alfred v1 behavior ? I'm asking because I have a lot of custom searches from v1. Thanks for any info about this.
  3. There was something nice and useful with custom web searches in v1. When we used {query} in the url, and specified nothing in the title, '{query}' was automatically added at the end. Now we need to explicitly specify something like : My search '{query}'. I have a lot of custom searches from v1 and now my titles miss the '{query}' ! Would there be some feature that I missed that could resolve that ?
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