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  1. Thanks for your response. I'm glad you're taking the feedback on board, but I'd argue that in this case whatever you were doing before is getting in the way. Perhaps this is a matter of personal opinion which should be configurable. I know I'd prefer the slight inconvenience of Finder occasionally being focused after a copy operation than the major inconvenience of it always being unfocused before the operation.
  2. When copying a file to or from a location which requires authentication, Finder's password prompt is not automatically in focus unless Finder was in focus before Alfred was activated. I have been able to replicate this on several versions of Alfred 2, on two Macs; a MacBook Pro and an iMac. This has occurred on both the latest stable version of Alfred, and Alfred 2.0.6 (203) on OS X 10.8.4 (though it has been happening long enough that I suspect it's always been the case). Here is a screenshot tour: I'm using the same basic process - copying an app to Downloads from Utilities (it works the same in reverse); If Finder was in focus before Alfred, it regains focus and the password prompt is immediately in focus; Otherwise, focus returns to whatever app was active before Alfred, and I have to Command-Tab to Finder in order to continue the workflow; It'd be much better if Alfred forced the focus to be Finder when doing a move/copy operation, so even if a user was focused on another app at the time, they could immediately complete the operation they requested.
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