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  1. Thanks Vitor! Really appreciate the response. After giving it a few days to settle in the workflow seems to be performing better so for now I'm going to give this a go. But, may come back with questions if I hit additional snags. Thank you again. You're support and responsiveness is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello Everyone and specifically @vitor who appears to be the resident expert in this area! Many thanks in advance for help here. I new here so apologies in advance if this is a dumb question. I'm trying to use Alfred to search Google Drive for desktop. I followed the older instructions to setup the workflow which kinda works but it is spotty (not 100% sure I have it setup completely correctly). Based on what I'm reading in this thread it sounds like there may have been some very recent developments which allow for Alfred to use default Spotlight to indexing again. But, to make this work ~/Library/CloudStorage needs to be added to Alfred's search scope. I understand how to add a file path to Alfred's search scope but where I'm stuck is this particular file path (~/Library/CloudStorage) does not seem to exist on my computer? All help is greatly appreciated.
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