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  1. I just updated from 10.13.2 to 10.13.3 and my preferences are out of sync. I went into settings. It appears that Alfred is still pointing to the same folder. Under "workflows," all of my workflows are intact, yet none of them actually work. My appearance settings are also back to defaults and Alfred does not order my searches based on history. Any ideas?
  2. rab523

    Finding built in Notes.app notes

    Here is a pipe dream. Is there any way to make Alfred show the pretty Notes app icon next to the note when searching the library folder?
  3. Hi - I have been fiddling with this off any on for a while now and still can't figure it out. Would you be willing to post a few screenshots of what this process looks like? I do not fully understand from your description.
  4. This launches the automator app and does not actually carry out the task. The old version ran the automator task automatically and in the background. Is there a way to accomplish the task this way with workflows in Alfred 2?
  5. In Alfred 1, there was a quick and direct way to create a workflow by simply choosing "automator" and then choosing the automation file I wanted my keyword to activate. I am totally lost as to how this is done correctly in Alfred 2. Help is appreciated.