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  1. Ok, sorry to open this back up. I went to my other Mac and, though Alfred was syncing to the exact same file in the exact same folder, the settings were correct. I copied the file to Dropbox, waited for it to sync over their servers, and then tried to direct the faulty Mac to the newly created Dropbox version of the "correct" sync settings. But now both Macs show the wrong settings. Any advise?
  2. Ok, this was my fear thanks. I will look in Backblaze for a recent working version and likely move this file back to Dropbox. Thanks for the advise.
  3. Thanks. I know this is probably the only way to make it stop, but I actually prefer to keep it checked for other reasons. Either way it is checked, I know that will keep it from happening again, but it doesn't fix my current situation. I currently have the current Alfred Settings file downloaded from iCloud Drive and the Alfred app pointing to the folder its in. But Alfred is still acting like a fresh install. Any advise? Thanks so much.
  4. I have been running into an issue lately when I restart my Mac. Upon restart, iCloud Drive will decide to beam my Alfred Sync Settings folder to the cloud and I have to re-download it. The most recent time I did this, directing to the folder does not result in Alfred following my sync settings, it is like a fresh install. I have run into this issue before but I cannot remember how I resoled it. Help appreciated!
  5. When I search for a file that is in iCloud and is not currently downloaded locally to the device, I get an error message. In the case of PDF Expert, I get... PDF Expert does not support "iCloud" files. Would you like to open "filename.pdf.icloud" with the system default viewer? Opening the same file with Spotlight or Launchbar works as intended. Is there any work around for this?
  6. When I invoke Command+Control+C, I see the attached image. Is there supposed to be clipboard data here?
  7. When I search Alfred for documents that are in iCloud, it always sees them, but when I press enter for documents that are not downloaded to the device, I get an error message. I have to use Spotlight or Launchbar to do it, and then it later works with Alfred. Is there any way around this? For example, when I search for a PDF that is in the cloud and try to launch it, PDF Expert says PDF Expert does not support "icloud" files. Would you like to open ".2018 Wrapped.pdf.icloud" with the system default viewer?
  8. I just updated from 10.13.2 to 10.13.3 and my preferences are out of sync. I went into settings. It appears that Alfred is still pointing to the same folder. Under "workflows," all of my workflows are intact, yet none of them actually work. My appearance settings are also back to defaults and Alfred does not order my searches based on history. Any ideas?
  9. Here is a pipe dream. Is there any way to make Alfred show the pretty Notes app icon next to the note when searching the library folder?
  10. Hi - I have been fiddling with this off any on for a while now and still can't figure it out. Would you be willing to post a few screenshots of what this process looks like? I do not fully understand from your description.
  11. This launches the automator app and does not actually carry out the task. The old version ran the automator task automatically and in the background. Is there a way to accomplish the task this way with workflows in Alfred 2?
  12. In Alfred 1, there was a quick and direct way to create a workflow by simply choosing "automator" and then choosing the automation file I wanted my keyword to activate. I am totally lost as to how this is done correctly in Alfred 2. Help is appreciated.
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