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  1. Unfortunately no. I tried to keep this simple without configuration files and similar. About the profile name, it uses whatever you see in Chrome. So if you rename it there, you should see in Alfred as well.
  2. Hi all! First of all, sorry for the long absence in supporting this workflow. @aheidelberg Thanks for finding a workaround while I was MIA Today I've update the Workflow to version 4.0.0. This update includes a rewrite in Go of the helper, which slims down workflow size by more than a half. I also checked Chrome source and I now the profiles detection has vastly improved, support explicitly Chrome, Chrome Canary and vanilla Chromium. Finally, in order to specify a different Chrome flavor, you know have to use the environment variable ALFRED_CHROME_NA
  3. Hi all. I just published version 3. This one simplifies usage buy only requiring "chrome" or "cr" to be typed to show all available profiles. You can also insert the URL or toggle incognito using the Alt key. See the first post for more informations.
  4. @rogiebear07 There is a little typo. You have to type "chrome as $USER $URL". Let me know if you still have issues!
  5. Hi all! I’ve updated the workflow again. The main executable in the workflow (which now is 2.3 MB instead of the previous 354 KB) now uses static linking. This means the error @polen sent me should be gone and even on older macOS the workflow should work Can you please download it again and confirm it? Thanks!
  6. Ehi @polen, do you get any error or notification? If not, can you please try the following steps and paste the output here? 1. Open Alfred Preferences 2. Go to Workflows settings 3. Right click on “Alfred Chrome” and then click on “Open in terminal” 4. Press enter in the terminal 5. Type “./alfred-chrome $QUERY“ (without quotes, where $QUERY must be replaced with whatever you usually type in Alfred) and press enter again This way I should be able to address any issue. Thanks! Paolo
  7. @mattstratton and @chrisramakers, I've addressed both you requests in version 2.1.0 that I just published. Let me know if it works.
  8. Workflow updated and moved on a new topic: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/9473-alfred-chrome-open-url-in-google-chrome-also-with-specific-profile/
  9. Also available here: http://www.packal.org/workflow/alfred-chrome Introduction This workflow allows you to open a URL in Google Chrome. To trigger the workflow, type chrome or cr. Optionally you can add a URL. Between the results you will a list of profiles to use to open the URL (or simply to open a new window). If you hold the `Alt` key while selecting the result item, the window will be open using incognito mode. Installation Double click (or open in Alfred settings) the Alfred Chrome.alfredworkflow file. This workflow is
  10. This workflow allows you to open a URL in Google Chrome. The recognized syntax is: `chrome [as USER] [in incognito] URL` The text under square bracket is optional, the text in uppercase must be replaced with appropriate values. For more info visit: https://github.com/ShogunPanda/alfred-chrome
  11. Hi all! Following my needs, I wrote a powerful workflow in Ruby. It's name is pincerna (butler in latin, for who cares XD). Capabilities: Unit & currency conversion. Translate text using Google Translate. View places on Google Maps. Get forecast from Yahoo! Weather. Manage VPNs and IPs. Access Chrome, Safari and Firefox bookmarks. System dependencies and required modification: This gem has some dependencies, but it can be installed using the gem command, so it shouldn't be too hard. Also, RVM is required on MacOSX 10.8 and below, in order to enable Ruby 1.9. D
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